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Not connected to the Ivory Coast

– Lonestar Cell MTN sets the record straight!

The Management of Lonestar Cell MTN states emphatically that it has not recommissioned a previously decommissioned telecommunications dish located in Toe Town, Grand Gedeh County and that it is not receiving broadband data capacity from the Ivory Coast as is being speculated by an incomplete ‘leaked’ LTA fact finding due diligence report.

While Lonestar Cell MTN acknowledges that the terms of its current International Gateway License issued by the LTA give the company the right to establish satellite and other links with international carriers and networks  and, though it has written the LTA informing of its intent to reconnect the previously disconnected telecommunications dish, it has not done so as yet.

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Lonestar Cell MTN notes that a technical team from the Liberia Telecommunications Authority visited its facility in January, 2015 and observed that there was no traffic between Lonestar Cell MTN and its sister network in the Ivory Coast. To date, there has been no change.

It must be recalled that Lonestar Cell MTN, a member of the Cable Consortium of Liberia has invested over 2.5 Million United States Dollars in the Africa Coast to Europe (ACE) fiber optic to Liberia and is an effective user of same. It is to Lonestar Cell MTN’s advantage to have all its traffic on the fiber optic, which is why Lonestar remains in active negotiations for the usage of the fiber duct.

Lonestar Cell MTN, a partner in support of the Government of Liberia’s development agenda will never act in contrary manners that will undermine the government’s agenda. Lonestar Cell MTN remains compliant with all of its tax obligations to government and can fathom no reasons while this should ever change. 

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