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-NOVAFONE Clarifies

The GSM Novafone Company has refuted, for the second time in just a few weeks what it referred to as a false and unverifiable story by the FrontPage Africa Newspaper against Novafone.

According to a release from the company, on Thursday, June 2, the paper published a story under the caption “Crises Prone Cellular company Novafone Redundant Employees“.  The release said like previously, the writer, whom this time, was not named in the article, did not verify nor give the Novafone Management the opportunity to provide clarity on the matter before publishing its story.

The release quoted Novafone as again questioning the motives and ‘ethical standards’ of the paper, journalists and editors, saying “We can best describe this article, as we did previously, as being irresponsible journalism and a clear attempt to defame and damage the character and brand image of Novafone”.

According to the release, the company noted that It was a blatant lie and not true Frontpage Africa’s assertions that Novafone has defected in paying salaries to its dedicated employees. “While we may not be subjectable to the paper’s scrutiny, we, however, wish to invite the same journalist and any other journalist to check our records to ascertain if we have been having trouble with paying our employees’ salaries each month. In the spirit if finding out the facts, we are open to given clearances to media houses to do their own due diligence and investigation to establish the truth and facts about the allegation.

Like before, Front page Africa had lied about Novafone evading Tax without consulting the management of the company to find out the facts”, the company’s management underscored, saying: “Even though the management admonished the paper to provide evidences or the facts, it is yet to do so. Yes indeed, Novafone is currently going through a restructuring process which has led to some positions like Sales Agent, in the company becoming redundant. Therefore, some employees have indeed received letters about their positions becoming redundant, consistent with Liberia’s Labor Laws”.

The release said all employees of the company were aware of this restructuring exercise, further indicating that while Novafone and its owners reserve their rights to follow the legal processes to get justice in this matter, it also encourages Frontpage Africa Newspaper to refrain from defaming the company’s reputation for whatever motives it has. The release further indicated that the management and committed employees of Novafone will continue to remain focus and steadfast in delivering full quality services to its value customers.


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