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Not on Senator Taylor’s Path We Will Thrive

One of the 13 Senatorial candidates and incumbent Bong County Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor, on last Thursday before some of her colleagues and others having lunch in the cafeteria of the Liberian Senate, had no better way to engage the New Dawn, but to rain invectives on the paper for a number of publications on her deeds in the name of Bong County.

A state of frustration and disorderliness was the scene Senator Taylor immediately created realizing the presence of the New Dawn’s Legislative Reporter in the Cafeteria to the dismay of her colleagues and onlookers. “We all write that bullshit; that completely ass-stray and I too will dam shit to deal f..king shit,” were just a few of the invectives used by the Bong County Senior Senator.

Her emotional and unruly outburst was only in reaction to the L$72m she received under cover from the Central Bank of Liberia or CBL under the guise of micro loan for the people of Bong County, through the influence of the Executive Governor of the CBL, J. Mills Jones.

“I went to the Central Bank and lobbied for L$72m for ‘Bong County’; all I am trying to do here is for you to say the woman has helped us, (so) let’s give her our votes,” Senator Taylor recently told a few supporters of hers under the banner, “Friends of Jewel” while launching the group in Gbarnga City, Central Liberia.

Those were her remarks recorded on tape- a copy of which is in our possession, but the former Liberian First Lady has been attempting to “share the crocodile tears”, I.e., giving the public the impression (in a poorly written press statement)  that  the New Dawn was engaged in falsehood.

Other than thriving on such path as she chose on last Thursday in the Cafeteria of the Legislature, Jewel’s best option was the ‘road to the Temple of the Justice’ to the Civil Law Court, since, infect, she’s an Attorney-at-Law inducted into the Bong County Bar Association, even though all of her academic credentials from the Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law at the University of Liberia named her country of origin as Lofa County.

While the Bong County Senior Senator is still challenged by the Management of this paper to pursue the matter in court, the Management of the paper is also prepared to make available a copy of Senator Taylor’s recorded comments on her transaction with the CBL and Governor Jones. The Senator’s ‘broad-day lies and deceit’ only expose her true nature, occasioned by her ability to ‘twist tongue’ at any time- no wonder why  she’s lost the political cloud in Bong County, having served as Senior Senator for the County for nine years.

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The mere fact that she even exposed her transactions with the CBL and Governor Mills Jones when such did not warrant the revelation she made in such forum, Senator Taylor cannot be trusted. And the fact that she denied what we reported (even though she’s on record), doing business with such an individual is very risky because at the end of the day, she would twist tongue.

While we stand by all of our publications on the L$72m received by Jewel Howard-Taylor on behalf of the people of Bong County (but was using such money to fund her campaign activities in the county), we will continue to remain resolute in consonance with the principles of good journalism and not allow Jewel to lure us into thriving on the path of disorderly engagements as exhibited by her last Thursday.

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