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Taylor 1997 NDBong County Senator and former First Lady Senator Jewel Howard Taylor says “what’s happening now” in the ruling Unity Party could not have happened to the NPP” not for fear of ex-President Charles Taylor, but because of the love and relationship that existed in the party before her imprisoned ex-husband became president. 

The Comment from Sen. Taylor, who also heads ex-president Taylor’s NPP, comes in the wake of continued resignations in President Ellen Johnson –Sirleaf’s ruling UP. “If they are disintegrating now, they are disintegrating the platform of the party which is sad,” Sen. Taylor said Thursday, 29 October on a live broadcast morning show – TBS on Truth 96.1 Fm in Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

At least 17 officials of UP from President Sirleaf’s home county, Bomi, were the latest in the news to have resigned from the party to support opposition ideologies, weeks after House Speaker Alex Tyler- also from Bomi and other partisans, resigned.

In her analysis of the ongoing crumbling situation in the UP, Senator Taylor argued that “what’s happening now could not have happened to the NPP.” “Well, I think what they are doing – it has sent a different signal that people must look at carefully,” she urged, suggesting that as a governing party with lots of resources – human and capital at their disposal, if the UP were to hold together and put up a candidate that everybody can rally around, they could be in power for the next six years.

She acknowledged that President Sirleaf “has some difficulties in governance,” but really done some really good things. “You can’t say – oh, she has failed; I don’t see her as a failed leader. I see her as a leader who has had some serious challenges,” Sen. Taylor indicated.
On the question of whether there can be another woman president after Mrs. Sirleaf, Sen. Taylor said the President strived for many years to reach to her current position, suggesting that female successors should not be overlooked because “we are all different.”
The Bong County Senator noted that there were many standard bearers with different positions though, but she was confident that an opposition block could win a first ballot in 2017, if they came together with a common purpose of looking at the national objectives, including peace, security, equity and unity.

“Maybe she could be the standard bearer for NPP come 2017,” Jewel asserted, saying she did not think because President Sirleaf would getting off the stage, no other female could be president.

By Winston W. Parley -Edited by George Barpeen

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