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Not Wanting To Be Something Else – Part I

Don’t ask. You know me. Da me again.Da me Paul.Writing da my area.And writing on all kinds of things da my main area. You like it jacko; you na like it, Jack-o’-Lantern. Da me say so.  Yor remember long time ago I wrote something about wanting to be different things? Yeah, yor remember.  Anyway, today I want to start talking about things I wouldn’t want to be.

Oh, yes, I would like to be a lot of things. For example, I would like to be a woman’s butt because I want for men to look at me and swallow spit plenty time. Da me Not Wanting To Be Something Else – Part Isay so.

But this does not mean that I would like to be everything in this world. For example, I would not like to be nose. Da small thing nose can go through in this world. First of all, it is through nose that that nasty thing that looks like condensed milk called is found. I stupid to be nose? I don’t want some slippery thing to pass through me. Some are green. Some are blue. Some are yellowish green. Some are greenish. Can you imagine?
And another problem is that when people blow their nose, some of the condensed milk-like substance can stick inside or around the nose, refusing to move. Besides, it is nose that smells all the bad things in this world – whether da fart, toilet, dumpsite, sour food, rotten eggs, muan-muan, rotten mouth. I swear to God. I don’t want to be nose.

Another thing I wouldn’t want to be is anus. Be anus? Over my dead body. I know God says that we should love our fellowmen like ourselves, but, if anus were a human being, I would not go around him. God would be tired with me on this one. Anyway, God is already tired with us. Da small hard head we human beings can play? I cannot be anus. I don’t want to be anus. Da small thing anus can go through, my people. I like friends. If I were to be anus, my friends would run away from me because of my sent. Da small stink anus stink?

Thank God He put anus the place it is. If God were to put anus on our face, depression and suicides would be all over the place. Da fun? Imagine having anus on your face. Wheh thing?Imagine people sitting at dinner table with their anuses on their faces around that table. Who will eat that food? Imagine pastors preaching with their anuses on their faces. Who will sit in that church? Who will want to listen? Imagine government officials sitting down and discussing with their anuses on their faces. Who will breathe properly in that meeting? I can’t be anus. I don’t want to be anus. I stupid to be anus?

Besides the stench, all kinds of stupid stuff pass through anus. Hard pupu, especially the ones that come out when you eat potter, also suffers anus. Da small work anus can do? Da small suffering anus can go through? For hard pupu to pass through you like that da small thing? I feel sorry for anus. But anus strong, too-o. Da small cutting anus can do to hard pupu? I trust anus’ ability to cut like knife, but I don’t want to be anus. And I can’t agree to be anus. Da me say so.

What have I said in this article? I have said that I wouldn’t want to be neither nose nor anus. Da me say so. Wheh you can do to me? Nothing!

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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