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Notre Dame University College of Liberia Licensed To Operate

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The National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE) in Liberia has granted License to the Notre Dame University College of Liberia (NDUCL) to operate as a higher education institution in Liberia. The Notre Dame University College of Liberia offers an array of relevant marketplace courses leading to the baccalaureate degree.

The NDUCL provides high quality education that would train innovative, highly motivational, and well-rounded citizens that will influence and impact the fields of education, business, the social sciences and technology.

In a press statement released over the weekend, the NDUCL said it has lined up a national and international team of qualified educators, seasoned administrators, and dedicated staff who have over 30 years of combined experience in a variety of academic and professional disciplines.

It noted that its faculty members are passionate individuals who are dedicated to ongoing research in their respect fields and bring with them a diverse wealth of knowledge and skills. The University authorities added that they are committed to average class sizes to provide a good faculty-student ratio and allow for faculty to provide focused individualized teaching-learning experiences.

This intentional facultystudent ratio, the release continued, nurtures the student to serve and lead with respect, dignity and integrity, with an overriding aim to graduate individuals committed to critical thinking and civic responsibility. The Notre Dame University encourages and upholds freedom of speech and respect for diversity.

The University authorities assured potential students and parents desiring very high standard and intentional quality college education to enroll.-Press release.

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