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NOVAFONE takes LRA to Court for duty free privilege

One of Liberia’s mobile telecommunications service providers, NOVAFONE has filed a petition at the Supreme Court before Justice – in – Chambers Philip A.Z. Banks to grant the issuance of a writ of Mandamus and order the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) to grant the company duty free privilege.

The company noted that after the acquisition of COMIUM (Liberia) Incorporated, it applied for and was granted duty-free privilege by the Ministry of Finance on many occasions, but since the establishment of the Liberia Revenue Authority(LRA), NOVAFONE has not been granted duty-free privilege.

In its petition to the Chambers Justice, NOVAFONE cites a case in point between August and November 2016, when it wrote the Commissioner General of the LRA, Mrs. Elfreda Stewart – Tamba, requesting duty-free privilege for Toyota Land Cruiser-78 vehicles.

The telecommunications service provider claims that Mrs. Tamba refused to grant the request. It says in the petition that following the refusal of the LRA Commissioner General to grant the duty-free privilege, the Minister of Justice invited the LRA boss and NOVAFONE to an urgent meeting to discuss the company’s duty-free concern. The company says the meeting did not resolve the issue.

The situation consequently led NOVAFONE to pray the Justice – in – Chambers for a writ of Mandamus in keeping with Chapter 16, Subchapter B, Section 16.21(2) of the Civil Procedure Law of Liberia.

NOVAFONE accuses the LRA of continuous failure and refusal to grant its entitled right to duty-free privilege, thereby triggering the writ of Mandamus.Meanwhile, the company in its petition disclosed that it purchased all the shares of COMIUM (Liberia) Incorporated and was issued a Share Transfer Deed consummating a share purchase agreement.

s such, it says it becomes the sole owner of COMIUM(Liberia) Incorporated. Additionally, the petition revealed that on November 21, 2012 it filed with the Liberia Business Register a second Amendment of the Article of Incorporation of COMIUM (Liberia) Incorporated which was subsequently registered and filed on the same day by the registry in keeping with section 1.4 of the Business Corporation Act.It changed the name from COMIUM (Liberia) Incorporated to NOVAFONE Incorporated.

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