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NPP condemns assault on Representative

The National Patristic Party or NPP has  strongly condemned as unpatriotic and nondemocratic the physically assault on Bong County  District #6 Representative Adam Bill Corneh by individuals acting as security personal.

A releasing quoting NPP Council of Chairpersons also claimed yesterday that the  Coordinator of the National Patriotic Association pf Liberia or NAPAL, Auguter Tarpeh was also injured in the process. 

The NPP Council of Chairpersons, in a release on Monday, pointed accusing fingers at the party’s National Chairman,  Cllr. T. C. Gould and acting Secretary General  Andrew Peters for instigating the violence assault on Representative Conneh.

“You will record that similar action was perpetrated against partisans sometimes back, resulting to the closure of the party headquarters and the subsequent deployment of state security for the purpose of protection,” the release issued by the County Chairpersons recalled.

The release alleged further that a clear evidence was once more demonstrated at a called meeting of party stalwarts and other personal guests of Chairman Gould and his leadership at which time they (alleged supporters)  unleashed the violence on the party’s executives and partisans.

“Considering these factors, we call for the timely intervention of the National Election Commission and the Ministry of Justice for a speedy redress so as to protect NPP partisans from feature attacks,” the release quoted the Council of NPP Chairpersons.  

The release did not, however, state the reason(s) for the alleged attack on Representative Bill Conneh and other partisans of the NPP.

But the NPP, since the incumbency of Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor as Party Leader and Cllr. Gould as National Chairman, has been in both financial, leadership and policy crises following the 2005 General and Presidential elections.

As a result of such crises, some party heavy weights, including Chairman Emeritus  Chief Cyril A. Allen, as well as Prominent Businessman Benoni A. Urey, among others have either resigned and joined other opposition parties or resigned themselves from activities of the former ruling party. 

Efforts are being by this paper to follow up the allegations  with authorities of the party.-Edited by George Barpeen

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