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NPP has got no fight

The governing Coalition for Democratic Change seems to be in disagreement over who should be its nominee for the impending senatorial by-election in Bong County.

The national Patriotic Party, member of the three-party marriage is claiming entitlement to the Bong senatorial seat on grounds that its ex-standard bearer Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor held the seat up to the 2017 presidential election.

This should not be at all. The NPP ought to or should know by now that it is a full member of the Coalition for Democratic Change, and as such, any decision reached by the CDC is binding, because the Coalition cannot act in splinter groups or become a divided house, as it is being presented.

The fact that the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), National Patriotic Party (NPP) and the Liberian People Democratic Party (LPDP) unite as the Coalition for Democratic Change and registered with the National Elections Commission as a Coalition for the 2017 elections, a member cannot leave from there to act along without the entire body.

Already, the Coalition thru its national chairman Mulbah Morlu had reportedly submitted the name of Bong County incumbent Representative Josiah Marvin Cole as the CDC nominee to contest in the senatorial by-election.

But the NPP claims it conducted primary recently in Gbarnga, Bong County not under the Coalition, and elected Bong ex-lawmaker Adama Bill Corneh on white ballot to vie for the same senatorial seat in the county.

Accordingly, the NPP has written the NEC, requesting the Commission to halt the registration process of Rep. Josiah Marvin Cole. Absolutely, the NPP cannot eat its cake and has it at the same time. In other words, the party cannot be a member of the Coalition and at the same time seeks to do business with the NEC separately. It just wouldn’t work.

NPP should understand that its ex-senator and standard bearer, Jewel Howard Taylor, is Vice President of the Republic of Liberia today because of the Coalition, not because of jailed ex-President Charles Taylor’s former ruling party.

We call on those behind the current contention in the NPP to abandon the fight and come back to the Coalition to reason together as a body. Let it be told succinctly that they are not just fighting a losing battle, but heading for disgrace. Authorities at the NEC know better. They would not deal with in this case, a splinter group outside the registered CDC.

We believe the sooner the NPP realizes that it cannot act along while being member of the Coalition for Democratic Change the better position it would place itself to make its voice heard as a Coalition. Anything to the contrary, is just mere noise in the market, which is never regarded seriously.

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