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NPP Maryland Chapter in disarray

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In the wake of the embattled National Patriotic Party’s pending primary in Maryland County, several officials of the party are tussling over the NPP chairmanship in the county. The NPP is expected to conduct primary from July 22 to 23, 2020.

Mr. JohnnnKodjo Wilson, labor commissioner for Maryland and co-chair for administration of the county chapter, pronounced himself recently on a community radio station as county chairman, while another NPP partisan MokoWeiah declared himself as secretary general, followed by Anthony BuduLandford, who claimed he still remains the legitimate county chairperson.

Landford argued that he has not been legitimately relived of his post by the national executive committee of the party neither served a communication, indicating reasons for his dismissal.

According to him, he was elected during the Buchanan Convention in 2016 as chairman for the NPP Maryland County chapter amid the recent self- proclaimed chairmanship by Mr. Wilson.
The leadership battle among local officials of the party comes just after Landford endorsed the senatorial bid of Maryland County Senator H. Dan Morais, a senior executive of the NPP.
Senator Morais’ endorsement to re-contest for senate in December was done in Pleebo, Maryland Electoral District#2 on June 27, 2020.

Landford disclosed that the governing Coalition for Democratic Change, of which the NPP is a constituency member, had agreed that no one will contest on the ticket of the National Patriotic Party in a county, where it already has an incumbent senator or lawmaker.

He said, Senator Morals remains the legitimate candidate for the party because he is a full member of the NPP, which is a constituent member of the Coalition, and an incumbent senator as well as chair for NPP lawmakers in the 54th National Legislature.

However, he further revealed that reliable sources have informed him that the National Patriotic Party is expected to go for primary this month to choose a candidate that will contest on its ticket during the December 8, 2020 senatorial election in Maryland County.

This would mean that incumbent Senator Dan Morais will go to the primary against NPP national chairman James P. Biney, also a Marylander and former member of the House of Representatives.
The current fight over the county chairmanship has brought serious confusion between supporters of both men in the county.

But Landford said he doesn’t see the party going for primary in the county, as is being speculated, maintaining that doing so will contradict the agreement that established the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, which is marriage among the Congress for Democratic Change, the National Patriotic Party and the Liberian People Democratic Party.

By Patrick Mensah, Maryland County

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