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Nuquay defies opponents

Margibi County electoral district #5 Representative Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay has challenged aspirants ganging up against him for the October elections that they are no match.

He made the comment recently in Kpadeh Town, District #5 while donating a motorbike, power saw and several other materials, including 20 bags of 25kg rice and money to residents of the area to enable them start a road construction project, promising to build a bridge there.

Aspirants galvanizing to unseat Nuquay in the district including Anthony Moses and Clarence Gahr recently disclosed that they were in discussion to form a single force that would defeat the incumbent lawmaker, who is seeking reelection.
A latest aspirant in the race, Mr. Amos Kollie Nama, has allegedly held talks with the other two (Mr. Moses and Mr. Gahr) on the need to join hands to fight Nuquay at the ballot box.

In total, four aspirants are in the district namely; Mr. Joseph Marshall, Mr. Amos Nama, Mr. Anthony Moses and Mr. Clarence Gahr, but Representative Nuquay, who appears fearless, told the contenders not one of them can step in his shoes because they are too big.

“People running around here, some of the people they brought here; they don’t even have the competence to represent our district. It is not because somebody wanted one cent or two cents from somebody so they brought them and said or this person can be representative. They can come here and talk to you, they want to be representative but when they go there, can they step in the shoes that we wear? My shoes are too big for them. They just can’t, they don’t have the competence, they don’t have the qualification, they don’t have the IQ, they just cannot”, Nuquay said.

According to him, desiring to become a representative is one thing and being able to do the job he has done in the district is another.

He argued further that if the district was such that the leader has done nothing, then it could be fine for them but it is difficult for them because he has transcended the district leadership from local to national leadership.
He pointed out that some of the aspirants don’t have ordinary high school documents but they claim to be qualified.

By Ramsey N Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi -Editing by Jonathan Browne

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