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Nwabudike must leave

-As Dillon writes Senate

Montserrado County Senator Darius Dillon has written the Senate, requesting that august body to take siege of events unfolding at the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), where the disgraced self-proclaimed naturalized Liberian, Nigerian born Cllr. NdubusiA. Nwabudike still reign despite failing to prove his citizenship here.

Cllr. Nwabudike nominated by President George Weah early this year to head the National Elections Commission or NEC as chair, during his confirmation lied about almost everything including his naturalization papers, date of birth, and references.

His testimonies before senators and documents he tendered in as evidence during his confirmation hearings were all repletewith inconsistencies. President George Weah embarrassingly withdrew his nomination days after senators halted further confirmation hearings.

In his letter dated June 9, 2020, a copy of which is in the possession of this paper, Senator Dillon argued that by law a foreign national is not allow to serve at the country’s anti-graft commission, thereby asking his colleagues to intervene and safe that integrity institution from being abuse and violated by Nwabudike.

To drive home his point, Sen. Dillon drew the attention of his colleagues to Part VI Section 6.3 of the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission’s Act which prohibits foreign national from heading the anti-graft body.

Part VI Section 6.3 states: “Qualification: Each member of the Commission shall be a Liberiancitizen of not less than thirty (30) years of age, of good moralcharacter in the community, and with proven records in anticorruption advocacy or professional training and/or experience inlaw, law enforcement, accounting, auditing or a related field. Themembership of the Commission shall also be drawn to reflect thebroad spectrum of society; provided further that no twoCommissioners shall have the same County of origin and all five (5)shall not be of the same gender.”

“Mr. Pro-temp, we hold strongly that Mr. Nwabudike, a Nigerian citizen by birth, has not demonstrated or proven to be a Liberian and manner of acquisition of Liberian citizenship as he claimed before this august body during his confirmation hearing.

In view of the above, I wish to formally invite the intervention of the Senate to this matter of national concern and impress upon my distinguish colleagues to take seize thereof and ensure that the appropriate and proper measures be taken to uphold, protect and defend the integrity and credibility of the LACC from being abused and violated,” excepts of Sen. Dillon’s letter read.

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Sen. Dillon’s communication comes at a time the political leader of the Vision for Liberia’s Transformation Party, Dr. Jeremiah Whapoe told this paper Monday June 8, that his party is exploring means to file legal actions against Nwabudike’s stay at the LACC.

Recently, the Liberian National Bar Association in a motion before the Civil Law Court described Nwabudike as a fake individual and hence should not be allowed a day in Liberia to be considered a citizen.

“The mere fact that the Petitioner (Cllr. Nwabudike) has failed and neglected to prove his Citizenship before the House of Senate during his confirmation hearing and up to present has still failed to do so, he has justified sufficiently that he has never been a citizen of Liberia but rather a faked individual and should not be allowed a day in Liberia to be considered citizen.” The LNBA wrote in a motion as intervener to buttress Government’s motion.

Cllr. Nwabudikehad filed a thirteen counts petition for Declaratory Judgment before the Civil Law Court after Criminal Court ‘B’ revealed that they were unable to locate his citizenship document. He has since withdrawn that case, but still comfortable seated at the LACC.-
By Othello B. Garblah

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