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Nyanka, Koon trade claims

The bitter exchanges that once existed between former Montserrado County Electoral District #11 Rep. Gabriel Nyanka and his successor Rep. Richard Koon appear to be far from ending, in the wake of a renewed war of words that ensued last week.

The hot exchanges erupted when Rep. Koon alleged that Mr. Nyanka, current head of Liberia’s extractive industries and transparency initiatives created lot of scholarship debts with secondary schools and did not settle them during his term and up to the time his tenure expired.

Koon alleges that Nyanka’s failure to settle scholarship arrears in schools in the district is denying him (Koon) the opportunity to enter new scholarship arrangement with secondary schools administrators.

The new representative intimates in a recent interview that unpaid scholarships offered by Mr. Nyanka have created nightmare for him (Koon) and the only option he has is to first settle his predecessor’s debt before giving any student scholarship.

“I have to pay this debt before engaging schools for scholarship for students in the district,” Rep. Koon claims.He laments that administrators are refusing to do business with him because of the alleged bad debt created by former Rep. Nyanka.

But Mr. Nyanka says Rep. Koon’s assertion is the ‘craziest’ thing he ever heard in recent history, adding that the statement is ‘nonsensical and baseless’.According to him, school administrators may refuse to do business with Mr. Koon because of alleged ‘bad record’.

He notes that at no time was he indebted to schools as alleged by his successor, saying the allegation is a means being used by Rep. Koon to deny students scholarships that he had promised them.“Koon is waste and celebrated comedian in contemporary Liberian politics. Where in the world debt owed by one sitting lawmaker can be transferred to another, especially personal scholarship?” Nyanka wonders.

He says does not want to waste his time on ‘foolishness,’ accusing Koon of being a man that cannot take care of his family.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor–Edited by Winston W. Parley


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