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Nyeankeh Town Not Burnt

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Gbarpolu County’s elders have denied the burning of  Nyeanken Town and the missing of 8-persons as claimed by youths in the area. Addressing a news conference, Paramount Chief Yakpawolo Y. Clan dismissed the reports but admitted ordering the outing of mask-dancer (Country Devil) to effect an arrest on Charles and Moses Laryoh, and Anthony Yarsiah.

Chief Clan said he wanted for these men to provide explanation on how Alexander Tarkpoh and Steve Dahn were ill-treated, leading to putting bruises all over their bodies. In the same token, narrating their ordeal at the Internal Affairs recently, Tarkpoh and Dahn said their fight was the result of confusion (palaver) between Tarkpoh’s wife and Dahn’s son, and that of the Laryoh’s brothers and Yarsiah.

Laryoh and Yarsiah are said to have used the occasion to unleash mask-dancer (devil) in order to arrest Tarkpoh and Dahn, after what they demanded LD$3,500.00 (Three Thousand Five Hundred Dollars) each before release.

Last week, youths of Nyeanken Town under the command of Charles Laryoh reported that Paramount Chief Yakpahwolo Y. Clan, of Wolahla Chiefdom unleashed a mask-dancer (Country Devil) on the population.

The situation, according to the report led to the disappearance of 8-persons and burning down of the town (Nyeanken), leaving the elders with no alternative but to inform the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Clarifying the situation, Moses Wallah, Commissioner of the area, said the information that Nyeankeh was burned and eight persons got missing is false.

Acting on instruction of the Internal Affairs Minister, Harrison Kanwea, Wallah said “a chicken basket was not burned” in Nyeankeh Town.

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