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NYMOTE boss: urges young people to commit to self-development

By Lincoln G. Peters

The executive director of NYMOTE Partner for Democratic Development Eddie D. Jarwol has described Liberia as a place of extreme hardship, thereby calling on young people to commit themselves to self-development and secure a brighter future.

Addressing scores of youth at his office in Paynesville on Tuesday, September 21, 2021, Mr. Jarwol said Liberia has become an extremely difficult place to live due to leaders’ inability to prioritize the development of the state and its people.

The youth are successful candidates accepted in the Young Political leadership School Africa that is expected to kick off in Monrovia from October 25-30.

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NYMOTE through its Young Political leadership School Africa program has developed the capacity of youths across Africa and provided leadership mentorship on politics and governance for young people to take control of their future by participating in politics and national decision-making process.

“Liberia now is only known by its flag and the passports of its citizens despite the many resources the country has. However, it’s saddened that only 12% of the country’s population has access to electricity. Even other basic social services like healthcare and sanitation are still posing challenges for Liberia in this modern time”, Jarwol lamented.

He said because of the economic hardship, most Liberians wake up in the morning and have no food, hospital bill, money, and better life but are happy only because they believe they can do nothing about their plight, adding that Liberia has become so hard that people are even liking dead body photos on Facebook instead of expressing sympathy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jarwol discloses that the youth constitutes 55 percent of total registered voters in the country, if they can develop themselves, they can change the narrative in the country.

“Young people have the ability to change things. They have to be focused and make use of opportunities that will be given to them to develop their human capacity. Failure on their parts, they will continue to be used by politicians to chant battle cry and after winning an election, they will be forgotten.”

He notes the current youthful generation has a lot to do in the transformation of Liberia noting that when he listens to politicians at times, their platforms show that they have no interest in the country, rather the position.

Mr. Jarwol calls on young people to do away with putting party interest above national interest or country, adding that the responsibility to make Liberia rests upon everyone but particularly the youth, who should have passion for development and self-discipline.

NYMOTE was established in 2001 with the aim of promoting democracy, good governance, civic engagement, and respect for rule of law in Liberia. Editing by Jonathan Browne


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