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Crime & Punishment

“Old Folks Home” in Appalling Condition

Like customers, our old folks must receive quality service, and that entails feeling loved, protected, and safe in our care. On the other hand, if our elders must find themselves in the “Old Folks Home,” they should then receive the necessary care to make them comfortable.

Like customers, in the “Old Folks Home” our elders should receive outstanding customer services, and those services must be provided with patience, and if possible a nice smile. After all, they deserve the necessary care to make their stay in the “Old Folks Home” safe and nurturing. 

But is that the case with the Old Folks Home situated on Broad Street, opposite “Government Old hospital.”  No! The facility is almost bare, with bed and bedding something to make one jerk. Even though there’s electricity, the bedrooms are dark – lighted rooms that feel dark. Stench bathrooms odor flood the hallways. 

According to the Coordinator of the Old Folk Home, Albert Scott, within the span of three months (October 2011 to December 2011) three of the residence died of what he described as “normal circumstances.”

The “Old Folks’ are old. They should not be reprimanded for soiling their clothes, or not doing things right. Like customers, they must be provided outstanding and exceptional care at all times.  If we cannot provide them the best care for our Old Folks, what will we be capable of doing?  In the photos below, are scenes from the OLD FOLKS HOME.

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