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On Snowe’s Money Making A Woman Go Naked

Let’s Talk So and Talk So

The Issues Desk wishes to look at the Snowe’s-money-makes-woman-go-naked story. It is a story that has generated a lot of discussions and debates since it was reported, not since it occurred. What we are not sure of and cannot say is whether the discussions and debates have produced more heat than light, more light than heat, or equal amount of heat and light.

Since the debates and discussions commenced, in view of what has been said and how it has been said, it is safe to say that some want to get at Mr. Snowe – some vindictiveness is at play. They are determined to revenge on Mr. Snowe for reasons best known to them. In a sense, they are condemning Mr. Snowe hypocritically; they are not reprimanding him because they sincerely believe that he has done something abominably wrong, something that they would also vehemently condemn if it happened in their back yard, but they are shooting at Snowe because they want, as our people would say, “bring him down.” That’s their goal and game.

That said, it is also safe to say that there are people who are reprimanding Snowe because they truly reason that what Snowe did is reprehensible, degrading, immoral and unnecessary, and they want to speak against it so that Snowe can understand that his action is unacceptable in a society whose people are quick to say that this is a godly nation, with some arguing that it is a Christian nation. They want Snowe to know that decency is required in most things that we do, that womanhood should be dignified and that he should not do certain things at certain places and events.

What is the story? The story is that during the bachelor night party of a local journalist, a party held at the residence of Snowe, he (Snowe) took the microphone around 2:am and made an announcement – that any girl voluntarily taking off her clothes and walking naked in front of everyone present would be given US$1,000. A girl got up and took off her clothes, leaving on only her bra and pantie; however, it didn’t go down too well with Snowe who was interested in seeing the girl walk in her birthday suit, causing him to say, “No, no, I said butt naked.” Instantly, the girl striped herself naked and walked from one corner of the room to another. She was given the money because she had earned it. This is the story about a woman going nude for US$1,000 at Snowe’s residence.

Let Snowe Be Condemned

If this is accurate, then it’s unfortunate. Hence, whether individuals commenting on the Snowe issue do so sincerely or insincerely, lovingly or vindictively, what many have said happened at Snowe’s house is a condemnable act, and it is fair-play that it has been condemned sporadically.

First of all, Snowe occupies a political position that places some responsibilities upon him. He is a lawmaker, a man who is part of a group that is supposed to make society better, not worse. His words and deeds cannot and should not contradict his office, position or title. For instance, he cannot be in the habit of knowingly breaking the law; he is a law-maker. He, also, cannot just be all over the place having sex with all the underage girls. And, for sure, encouraging a woman to undress herself publicly for a few dollars is nothing that helps society to improve. Hence, the condemnation is warranted. In short, Snowe deserves it.

Second, Snowe occupies a religious position that demands some responsibilities. He is the Father of the Year in the Providence Baptist Church. We assume that the church understands that it gave the title to a man who understands something about Christian virtues, especially as spelled out in the epistles of the New Testament. The Apostle Paul also talks about how woman should carry themselves about – about modesty. A Father of the Year ought to know that encouraging a woman to undress herself in public for money is far from modesty. In short, Snowe should have known and understood that he is not an ordinary figure. He is the Father of the Year of a great church, which means people expect him to live above a certain lifestyle. There is no position or title that does not go with some responsibilities. That Father of the Year Snowe would encourage a woman to stripe naked herself publicly, instead of encouraging her to go to church or attend his church’s Wednesday Bible classes, warrants the condemnation he is receiving.

Third, Snowe should have known that considering his political journey, his political affiliations, past and present, and so forth, there are certain individuals and institutions that would like to see his demise, his downfall, for which they would do anything to see that happen, or would be gleeful about any news or situation that provided that opportunity. It could very well be that some of those condemning Snowe are people who fall right into this category; however, Snowe should blame himself for presenting the opportunity. Snowe is a respectable man – or sis supposed to be so; he shouldn’t have done what he did. He blundered. Therefore, he deserves the condemnation raining on him.

Fourth, Snowe shouldn’t have publicly treated that woman – any woman, for that matter – in such a fashion. He disgraced womanhood. That could have been a child’s mother doing so because of desperation. She is some else’s sister. She is another parent’s daughter. People in need do all kinds of things for survival, and Snowe played on that. It was wrong and is wrong on Snowe’s part. I join those who are condemning him for his action. It’s despicable.

Indeed, snowe’s urging grown people, whether men or women, to undress themselves naked in public is an act that is unacceptable and condemnable, and Snowe should blame himself for the avalanche of condemnations he or his action is receiving. Snowe blundered.

What was Snowe thinking? That he has money and can do anything? It has always been like this. People with money are fond of dehumanizing, humiliating and degrading others. It is unacceptable. Not because someone has money they should treat others with indignity. Again, Snowe blundered.

Leave Snowe Alone

Having said all that above, as our people would say, “Let’s talk so and talk so.” While it is true that what occurred at Snowe’s place is condemnable, I would urge all of us to cease fire on the man. Enough has already been said, written and done. Let’s leave the man alone.

It is annoying that almost all would want to jump on the man. Aren’t we all, generally speaking, rotten in this country? Or are we crucifying Snowe because his is captured in the public? Don’t all of us have some rotten stuff in out closets? So Snowe is the worst sinner now? So he is the only immoralist in our country? Why are we punching this man here and there as if we are all clean people? This is the same kind of hypocrisy that caused Jesus to say to those who arrested the woman caught in adultery: “Let him who has never committed ANY sin before be the one to cast the first stone.” Let’s clean the mot from our eyes before attempting to take the beam from Snowe’s eye. There is too much hypocrisy in us. People are having secret affairs with their neighbors’ wives; they are stealing the country’s money, keeping hundreds of thousands in abject poverty; they are involved in ritualistic killings for jobs and positions; they are exploiting their employees; they engage in homosexualism; they ill-treat their wives or husbands; they eat church money unashamedly; they lie on others for selfish reasons; they hate others and swear never to speak to them until they die; they also do and say many other un-Christian, demonic and immoral things, yet they want to kill Snowe for making a woman walk naked voluntarily for money. Leave Snowe alone.

Besides, many horribly indecent and immoral acts take place in our society. Girls and women expose their breasts everyday. Many girls – and some older woman, too – wear what they call “butt-hole junction,” exposing their butt in the public. They sit on motorbikes, benches, chairs and so forth, with their butt shown for all to see. Men and women go naked on the beaches all the time. Girls and women – call them prostitutes, if you wish – have sex openly for as low as LD75 or LD50 in some places in this city. Are those condemning Snowe not aware of these things? Don’t they know where these things occur? Since they sincerely want to advance a moral society, let them visit the beaches on Sundays and other holidays. Let them visit all the prostitute centers in Monrovia. Let them investigate what many of the traditionalists and elders do in our country. Who are the moralists? Who are the holier-than-thous of our society? Are they looking for immoral acts occurring at Snowe’s house, but not others openly and publicly happening in other places? Are they only concerned “acts that bring womanhood to disrepute” when those acts occur at Snowe’s residence, but not about those that publicly occur in other places? This is getting annoyingly histrionic. Leave Snowe alone.

Finally, the girl or woman striping herself naked in Snowe’s house did it volitionally. No one forced her. Snowe did not force. She is not insane for us to accuse Snowe of taking advantage of her insanity. The announcement was made and she voluntarily got up, undressed herself, walked around the room and received her money. It is hypocritical for those who are lambasting Snowe about “bringing womanhood into disrepute” to refuse to condemn the woman who voluntarily undressed herself. Didn’t she bring womanhood into disrepute? Didn’t she disgrace our mothers and sisters? Oh, so she did a great thing for womanhood, but Snowe did a horrible thing to womanhood? Hypocritically hilarious! Leave Snowe alone.

What have we said thus far? What Snowe did was wrong. A lot of condemnation – oral and written – has already descended on him, and rightly and deservedly so. However, we can’t keep focusing on this one case, tearing the man to pieces in many different ways, as if we were any better. We are all, generally speaking, rotten. And it may even be that some of us have done or are doing worst things than what Snowe has done. On that basis, leave Snowe alone.

Believe me, my people. We will never stop following the issues.

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