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On This Woman Business

You Think You Will Win Any Trophy? – Part 3

Yeah, da me say so. I say men are stupid creatures. They have sex business in their head, instead of in their heart. They are ready to eat every girl and woman they. Butt will kill them. They do it as if there were some trophies for them to win. Because they are stupid, they fail to realize that there is no trophy inside this woman business.

Yeah, women will always live longer than men in this world. Men like releasing day and night. Oh, men! How I wish you knew and understood that there is no trophy in this women business. Don’t fight to prove your manhood by trying to spend hours when doing this women business.

You are only killing yourself slowly by doing that. Men, whom do you think you are in competition with? Listen, men. There are two things to pay special attention to. First, you cannot finish all the girls in this world. You cannot even finish the ones in your community. Second, you will not win any trophy in this woman business.

Don’t even think that eating beautiful girls from each of the seven continents of the world, commencing with Africa and taking the eating to Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia and Antarctica will make you a king. There is no trophy in this woman business. Stop killing yourself.

I have heard some guys say, “I have eaten girls from all the tribes in Liberia. I na eat Kpelle girl. I na eat Bassa girl. I na eat Lorma girl. I na eat Kissi girl. I na eat Grebo girl. I na eat Gola girl. I na eat Vai girl. I na eat Kru girl. I na eat Mano girl. I na eat Gio girl. I na eat Mandingo girl. I na eat Fula girl. I na eat Krahn girl. To cut long matter short, I na eat girls from all the tribes.”

Yeah, you na eat this girl and that girl, from this tribe and that tribe. Where are the trophies you have won? You only suffer your poor body. Your stupid self will die before your time. You will pee-pee in tube later in your life.

I heard another guy say, “When I get ready, I can stay on these girls for one straight hour. I too strong in that one.”

You too strong in that one, stupid man? That backache will be with you for a very long time. Besides, you will pee-pee in tube before you turn sixty.

Our forefathers did this woman business, perhaps, thinking that they, too, could win a very big trophy. They did not, and could not. Yet, we think we can win one.  As an old man once said, “Stupid fools we are.”

King Solomon had seven hundred (700) official wives and three hundred (300) unofficial wives. Can you imagine? But don’t forget that those numbers did not win him any trophies. When will we men in this age learn that there is no trophy in this woman business?

This is why I have only one partner, and this is also why I do frisky thing – that is, man-and-woman business – with her once every three months. I stupid to break my back for nothing? I stupid to kill myself before my time?

To be continued…
Seriously, my people, aren’t these points to ponder?

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