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One Thing I Know For Sure

One Thing I Know For Sure

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The human mind is too powerful to waste. This is one thing I know for sure. I am sure of this because God made us in his image and gave us the ability to think and reasons like him. The human mind is so sharp, sometimes, you sit and wonder about the kind of achievements man has made using the ability to think and reason.

People in Liberia are no different than people in other parts of the world who have made great contributions simply by using their imagination. For example, man is now going in space, because someone just thought about it. Another person said, if someone can think about this, that someone can do it, so it was done.

We have to rise up to the challenge in Liberia, and use our imagination to create jobs for ourselves. Liberians are very smart people.

Stop depending on government for everything and begin creating your own job. Government cannot provide jobs for all of her citizens. We must use our talents to create jobs for ourselves. Pray and ask God to help you. You could be praying for something that you already have and don’t know. God can reveal everything to you.

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