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One Thing I Know For Sure

Some years ago, I was listening to the radio, and heard a lady speaker giving an address at a school’s graduation. It has been a long time now, so I don’t remember the school, but I know that it was the Liberia Broadcasting System radio station (LBS).

The message was powerful. I remembered the theme as if it were just yesterday. “Dream Success,” she said. “Never be afraid to dream.” She continued. I listened as the lady encouraged her audience to get past the dream killers, and turn their lives into a journey filled with dreams that can be turned into reality, if they work hard.

“Set goals for yourselves and never let anyone dim your light, that God has placed in you” she stressed. She told the audience to handle their opportunities correctly, and use common sense and wisdom in setting goals that will lead to success.

As I continued to listen, I knew that the message was for me, because a dream had been planted in my heart, and the message was just what I needed to move. I went to the Liberia Broadcasting System radio station (LBS) to ask about the person who had delivered the message. “Oh, her name is Mrs. Corina Hilton Van-EE the journalist told me.”

I wrote Mrs. Van-EE a letter, but never got a reply. Maybe she never received my letter, but I took her message and planted a seed in my spirit, and began to turn my dream into reality.

Mrs. Corina Hilton Van-EE is now dead. I saw her daughter some months ago and told her this story about how her mother’s words of wisdom helped me turn my dreams into reality. I will continue to dream and work hard to see what the future holds for me. This is One Thing I Know For Sure.

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