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Only 10 Ebola cases in ETUs

Liberia’s quest to reduce  Ebola cases here to zero is said to be witnessing some positive signs as it currently has only 10 confirmed cases at all of its treatment centers nationwide, while reporting zero cases in the past 7days.

“…there are only 10 confirmed cases in all of the Ebola Treatment Units in Liberia,” the head of the country’s Ebola Incidence Management System, Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah said Wednesday.

Nyensuah who doubles as Assistant Health Minister for Preventive Services said 12 of the 15 counties have had no new cases in the past 7 days, with Grand Cape Mount, Margibi and Montserado reporting new cases.

“In the past 7 days we’ve been reporting zero new case across the country until Grand Cape Mount reported 2 cases yesterday (Tuesday),” Nyenswah noted.

Montserrado: IMS Concerned about 5 of 22 Zones 

Mr. Nyenswah said 5 of the 22 zones in Montserrado County are still being closely monitored. He said over the past 21 days, the zones of New Kru Town, Central Monrovia, Bardnersville and Lakpazee together reported 21 confirmed cases. However, for at least 6 days, Montserrado has reported no new cases.

Margibi to hit “21” soon

Speaking of the 3 counties that are still considered hot, Nyenswah put Margibi in a special category. He said the county has made significant progress and has gone beyond 16 days without new cases. Briefing the press at Ministry of Information Ebola Hour Mr. Nyenswah informed the nation that a reintegration program will take place this Friday in Lonfaye Town, Margibi County which will see 1,000 persons being reconnected with their communities.

12 Counties Cross 21-Day mark

It was also reported at the press briefing that 12 counties have completed the 21 day count without having any confirmed case. Mr. Nyenswah named Nimba, Grand Kru, Lofa, Bomi, River Cess, River Gee, Maryland, Sinoe, Grand Bassa, Gbarpolu, Bong, and Grand Gedeh counties as places in Liberia without an Ebola case for more than 3 weeks.

Nimba Successfully recounts 21 

Of the 12 counties that have successfully reached the 21 day mark, Nimba county had to recount having reached 62 initially without a confirmed case. The county’s clean run was interrupted following a new case from Tuo in Guinea. The county remained vigilant, restarted the count and again crossed the 21 day mark.

Lofa Leads the Roadmap to “Zero”

For more than 90days, Lofa County, the origin of Liberia’s Ebola crisis and once the epicenter of the disease continues to report no new cases. The health agency MSF ended their operations in that county several weeks ago confident that the county was Ebola freed. It’s proximity to Guinea has caused lingering concerns based on reports from Guinea. However, the county continues to remain freed of the disease.

Cape Mount: Ebola Localized in Teewor

After devastating 5 districts in Grand Cape Mount County, the Ebola Virus Disease has been contained in Teewor District. Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah said as a result of massive intervention Ebola has now been “Localized” which is a key step in flushing the disease out of the county.  With the presence of Ebola Treatment Unit in Sinje, cases can now be quickly identified and contact tracing, social mobilization are now very effective.

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