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Dear Sirs/Madams:

As a constituent and Senior Citizen, it is my honor, privilege and opportunity to present sincere greetings and compliments, with wishes of good health, long life and prosperity throughout the coming years.

You will recall, Honorable Members, that on Wednesday, August 10, 2016, one of your colleagues, the Honorable Mrs. Munah Youngblood, took the floor of Plenary of the House, acting as Secretary-representative of, also, some Honorable Members of the Honorable House who are deeply concerned about the on-going “debate” regarding recusal-removal as Speaker of the Honorable Alex Tyler, Representative of Bomi County, growing out of the Report-Allegations by Global Witness (GW).

Among other critical issues, Representative Youngblood called the attention of the Honorable Body to the most pressing demand by the following introduction: “When, in the course of human events (particularly) a nation at (a critical) crossroads in political and democratic governance as enshrined in our Constitution as a free people, it becomes incumbent (based upon personal, official, moral, socio-cultural obligation and responsibility) “on the Peoples’ Representatives to choose Country over Comrades; Patriotism over Patronage; the rule of Law over the rule of men (and women); and join together to save the sacred institutions (examples, the Houses of Senate & Representatives) which are the basic building blocks of our democracy . . . peace (security) and . . . hope for prosperity”.

Indeed, Representative Youngblood and the Membership of the House that she represents deserve credit and commendation for their courage and the “guts” in placing the prevailing “debate” (recusal-removal of the Speaker) in proper personal, moral and legal perspective.

In this context, please permit us to add that, indeed, it is needless for anyone to pontificate, because you are quite aware, that you, as the Nation’s Law- , related public policy- and decision-making Body, as well as representative of the Liberian Personality in whom rest their collective hopes and fears of the future and the socio-cultural, intellectual, moral and legal foundation; and that you, undoubtedly, regard and attach great importance to the report-allegations made against leading political figures having high-level responsibilities in our government – US, the Liberian People – and our political institutions (National Legislature, for example) that we represent.

Notably, Honorable Members, you are, also, aware, that the GW Report-Allegations are a profound and scathing challenge of the basis of our very foundation – socio-cultural, intellectual, moral and legal. Reflecting on the reported, critical issues as alleged, there are, in fact, two main, criminal charges against the Speaker and the others, resulting from of the GW Report:

The first is the Conspiracy to commit and did commit, knowingly and willingly, the Crime of amendment or change of the PPCC law approved, passed was, already, in force and effect, without a corresponding change in the conditions that necessitated its passage. The action was and is against the interest of the state.

The second is the Crime of receiving bribe (to commit a crime as indicated above). In his application for Severance, Speaker Tyler claimed that the request to amend or change the PPCC law was a request communicated by the Nation’s President. In other words, he did as requested and required, and therefore, justified in so doing. However, plead of justification is a plead of admission of guilt. Moreover, the Speaker did not, does not deny receiving the alleged US $75,000 in return for his services in the amendment-change of the PPCC Law.

Thus, the GW allegations, based on investigated and validated evidence, are shameful, disgraceful, dishonorable and profound disrepute to the premier Personality and the law- , public policy- and decision-making Body of the Liberian Nation. Therefore, the issue of guilt by a court of law having competent jurisdiction, thought moot, is superseded and vacated by the superior argument-requirement of “socio-cultural, intellectual and, most importantly, moral rectitude”, in the context of the Republic in the comity of nations of the United Nations.

This Speaker, over time during his tenure of office, has been plagued by numerous charges of corrupt practices – financial manipulations, shenanigans, dee-deebahs and mongo-mangos in the effort to hold on to the lucrative, political power position of Speaker, leading to the construction of his multimillion hotel complex in Monrovia and now, the US $75,000 bribe allegation by the GW report. This, indeed, is the story of “Rags-to Riches” adventures, through “Get-rich-qick” schemes.

It is this sort of corrupt, morally-decadent schemes of activities that attract to Liberia such “investors” as the likes of Gus Kouvenhaven and his Oriental Timber; LISCR, the questionable managers of Liberia’s Corporate Shipping, who bought the arms and ammunitions that killed a quarter of a million Liberians; the Viktor Bouts, the arms merchant of death in cooporation-coordination with LISCR and the NPFL; and now the Sable Mining Company. These are outfits described as “Two-by Four” or “Fly-by-night” organizations, representing “questionable moral qualities”, according to Liberian language.

And finally, Representative Youngblood and her superiors of the House of Representatives appear to be on a credible beginning, at the highest level, to clean out this century-long “manipulations, shenanigans, dee-deebahs and mango-mangos”. We urge you to continue, pursue and establish this approach of “Country over Comrades; Patriotism over Patronage; Rule of Law over Rule of men (& women)”, in the National effort to strengthen our young, democratic political institutions. Support-commitment to and of the status quo is not an option.

Faithfully, Bai M. Gbala, Sr.

Bai M. Gbala, Sr.

CC : President Protempore , Liberian Senate
Speaker, Liberian House of Representatives
Chairman, Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus

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