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Open Letter to Tyneceploh Education Foundation

The Principal/Headteacher
Tyneceploh Education Foundation
Roberts International Highway, Monrovia, Liberia

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,
Expulsion of Catherine Karma for ‘Witchcraft

The Advocacy for Alleged Witches (AfAW) is shocked by the news of the expulsion of a 6-year-old pupil, Catherine Karma, from your school. According to the report, your school expelled Ms. Karma in connection with some suspicions of ‘witchcraft’. Your management concluded that she was a ‘witch’ and was involved in ‘witchcraft activities’. You claimed that her presence would endanger the lives of other pupils and staff.

The decision to expel Ms. Karma is shameful, outrageous, and difficult to comprehend. First of all, how did your school confirm that Ms. Karma was a witch? How were you able to ascertain that she indulged in witchcraft activities (whatever that means)? In fact, what does your school understand by witchcraft?
From the report, your school expelled Ms. Karma based on the notion that she had magical powers and could kill or harm other pupils and staff through occult means.

How could you believe this nonsense? How could you accept that this six-year-old girl had such powers? Now think about this, if Ms. Karma had the supposed magical powers, don’t you think that she would have used them to resist her expulsion from the school? Your school did not stop at merely entertaining this mistaken notion, the management went further to punish her and now truncate her education and training based on misplaced fears and anxieties.

Look, even if some students entertained such misconceptions, what should be your duty as a school? Your role is to educate and enlighten pupils and lead students out of ignorance and superstitions. Your role is to dispel irrational fears and anxieties, not reinforce these misconceptions. By expelling Ms. Karma, your school has failed in its role as an educational center. Your school has betrayed the academic and enlightenment trust that the parents and the society repose in it.

AfAW urges you to take all the necessary measures and ensure that Ms. Catherine Karma continues her education without any further disruption. Your management should ensure that this educational failure does not repeat itself in your school again.
Thanks in anticipation of thoughtful consideration of this letter
Leo Igwe

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