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Opposition continues to demonstrate lack of patriotism

LIPO Deputy Director says

By Lincoln G. Peters

Liberia Intellectual Property Office (LIPO) Deputy Director-General Mr. Clifford Blamo Robertson, Jr., says the opposition community in Liberia continues to demonstrate lack of nationalism and patriotism for the country.

His accusation against the opposition is based on their alleged boycotting of government functions that seek to promote national peace, unity and inclusiveness for speedy transformation and development.

Speaking in an interview recently, Mr. Roberson alleged that the opposition community boycotted the recent launching program of Liberia’s Bicentennial kick-off ceremony.

Contrary to Mr. Robertson’s claim that the opposition community boycotted the bicentennial kick-off program, the Liberian Government is reported to have already made an open apology to the opposition here for not inviting them at the bicentennial kick-off.

Some local dailies have reported that Information Minister and Bicentennial National Steering Committee Chair Legerhood Rennie has told the media that the failure to invite the opposition parties was not deliberate, but an oversight on the part of the committee.

Despite the government’s apology, Mr. Robertson has insisted that the opposition’s absence at the bicentennial made no sense, saying it publicly demonstrates their lack of love and unity for the country.

Robertson insisted that the oppositions are not showing that sense of nationalism and patriotism. He urged that they desist from their alleged lack of patriotism and embrace inclusive national unity because it’s cardinal for development and progress.

On Friday, 7 January 2021, the Government of Liberia commenced the celebration of the bicentennial on Providence Island, commemorating Liberia’s founding 200 years ago when the first batch of freed slaves arrived here from the U.S. on the ship Elizabeth. They landed on Providence Island in 1822, the venue of the bicentennial kick-off in January 2022.

President George Manneh Weah’s administration conceived the idea to host the Bicentennial Celebration this year, bringing Liberians from all walks of life in their national colors and cultures. Diplomats and other foreign residents turned out to grace the occasion, but not a single member of the opposition community was seen there.

Robertson said the absence of the opposition community at the kick-off of the bicentennial does not worry him in any sense because peace is cardinal and everyone needs it, including the opposition.

“The opposition and Liberians at large should understand that they need to be champions of peace. When President George Weah lost the election in 2005, many thought he was not going to attend the ceremony of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, but he did and they became friends and she sent him to Ivory Coast and Ghana to represent her there,” Robertson explained. 

“Again, when he lost the World’s best to Ronaldo for the second time, he attended the ceremony, that is how tolerant he is. The opposition should learn from that,” Mr. Robertson continued.

He called on the opposition to cooperate with the government because tomorrow there is a possibility that they will become the next government and they will expect others to cooperate with them.

“You are a Liberian, push the line of true national unity, patriotism and nationalism so people can see you and believe in you,” he added. 

“George Weah won election in this country, not because of money or his fame, but his high level of nationalism, patriotism and love for country demonstrated over the period of time,” he said. 

Robertsons said the current oppositions have not gone through what President Weah went through and so they have to act the way they are acting.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/bishop-kortu-brown-oppositions-absence-at-bicentennial-kick-off-bothers-lcc/


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