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Opposition Criticism, Condemnation not Constructive and Fair

Since its inception in January 2012, President Sirleaf’s second termcontinues to be marred by ‘negative criticisms’. Unfortunately, not only are these criticisms constructive as onewould expect, but blindly blanket without mention of any complimentary effort on the part of the government by such critics.

While it an acceptable fact that the Government of Liberia may beconfronted with challenges and delays in achieving some of its goals,it is equally very unfair to be categorical in suggesting that it hasachieved “nothing”.

Any rational critic would criticize or condemn, but equally point tosuccesses and also make recommendation(s) as a way of overcoming theshortcomings of the administration. But for us in Liberia, ours are characterized by the highest ‘degreeof intentional blindness’ and narrow-mindedness for varying reasons,including ‘opposition’ to the administration.

It is no doubt that strides made thus far by the current Liberianadministration cannot be over-emphasized – at least some improvementsin our road network and other areas, something that must be mentioned whenever we criticized.

The irony about the political nature of these critics – oppositionpoliticians and supporters, is their inability to name their nationalundertakings in the absence of elections. It is only immediately before and during such period they pretend tohave Liberia at heart and care for the people of the country by makingdonations and inflated political expressions to include big promisesand unwarranted condemnation of the incumbent as is being occasionedahead of Liberia’s 2017 Presidential and Representative Elections.

While many may not have problems with criticizing the current regimefor its challenges and delays in achieving its desired goals, suchcriticisms must be constructive and realistic with alternatives forsolutions; but in the absence of the foregoing, such criticisms mayjust be very unfair and intended to solicit political support on thebasis of sentiments and not political realism –

something Liberianopposition politicians and supporters must now begin to consider inthe political expressions.

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