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Opposition downplays popularity contest

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Mr. George Wisner, a key supporter of opposition leader Mr. Alexander B. Cummings’ presidential bid, says the 2023 election is not about popularity contest, but understanding who is able to change the economic mess of Liberia and create jobs for Liberians. 

“In this election, the Liberian people are looking for leadership, not a popularity contest because Mr. [George Manneh] Weah won a popularity contest in [2017] and got the country in a complete mess,” the former National Investment Commission (NIC) Executive Director alleged Tuesday, 21 February 2023.

Wisner, who chairs Cummings’ National Mobilization Team, alleged that citizens are telling him that the issue is not more political but more economical.

He contends that citizens are concerned about who can turn the country’s economy around and create conditions for jobs and change the governance paradigm.

“However, it’s not also about governmental experience, because if you carefully study Mr. Weah’s government, you will know that those there have been in many governments,” Wisner argued. 

He added that citizens across the country have been complaining that in the last five years, their president has allegedly frustrated their hope more than any other government since the end of Liberia’s civil conflict. 

“I am hearing them saying that look, we are frustrated with a lot of traditional politicians, a lot of people who have been around for so long in our governance system and had not moved the needle considerably,” Wisner continued.

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“They need someone who can change the economy and provide jobs,” said Wisner.

He indicated that Liberians have said that they are very, very happy that the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and Mr. Cummings have demonstrated sufficient leadership and they are hoping that those who left the CPP can return and make the opposition community a stronger ticket.

“What we are talking to the Liberian people concerning our political manifestos is that we will fix the mess that has been created, not just by President Weah’s government alone, but [by] other previous governments,” Wisner said.

The Team Cummings official continued that this is to fix the problem that has been played within this country, lamenting that Liberia has been on an endless search for competent leadership.

He believes that Liberians are looking for leaders who have not just the vision, but the capacity to translate vision to actuality. 

“They are looking for a man or woman that can change this economy around, bring in direct investment and open the space for their children to be able to have jobs to actualize their potentials.” 

He stated that the person with such a vision is Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, political leader of the CPP/Alternative National Congress (ANC).

“Mr. Cummings, when he came in 2014-2017, a lot of people didn’t know him, didn’t know his leadership style. Therefore, they were a little bit skeptical. But now they all know him and understand his leadership style because they have been with him,” said Wisner. 

He said the people have put explicit confidence in Mr. Cummings because of the leadership style he continues to show and this is what he will demonstrate when elected president.

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