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Opposition hails non-violent campaign

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Opposition Montserrado County senatorial candidate Abraham Darius Dillon has expressed thanks to the both sides of the political divide, the ruling establishment and the opposition in recognition of non – violent campaign activities so far, unlike the pre – campaign time violent incidents that were reported here.

“And I want to thank all sides; we want to thank all sides,” Dillon said in reference to the peaceful campaign activities here during a live radio appearance Thursday, 3 December.

“Oh the campaign is very good,” Dillon says, recalling that initially the political strategy was to disrupt places that he visited so as to scare away his supporters so that his support base cannot be seen.

His comment came Thursday ahead of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP’s) campaign launch which is expected this weekend for the combined senatorial election and national referendum due on Tuesday, 8 December.

Ahead of the National Elections Commission (NEC) declaring campaign open for the senatorial election, much of the year has been politically tough as political violence was continuously reported.

Many had thought the campaign would have been worse, but at least not much has been reported of violence now like it was between the supporters of the CPP and the ruling party ahead of the actual campaign time.

Despite the peaceful nature of the campaign acknowledged by Dillon, what seems to keep many Liberians worried could apparently be the post election atmosphere that seems unpredictable, especially judging from how the opposition and the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) supporters are eagerly fighting to win Montserrado County at all cost.

As an incumbent and opposition candidate ,prior to the campaign period faced some attacks, one of which led him to issue a marching order to his supporters in mid September to return stones at President George MannehWeah’s convoy or his residence anytime stones were thrown at him (Dillon) at his rallies.

“One rock thrown at me going forward, rocks will be thrown at George Weah’s convoy. If he is scared to leave his house, we will throw stones at his house, I Darius Dillon say so,” Dillon said in September following an attack against him at St. Paul Bridge Community.
In his live talk show at OK FM Thursday, 3 December, Mr. Dillon indicated that his people were resolved in supporting him, noting that he has to be the courageous general to lead his army into the campaign.

Speaking of inclusiveness in governance, Dillon suggests that if the impression is given that those in the ruling party and those in the opposition are not supposed to take each other’s advice, it becomes a problem that would stall the development of the country.

He argues that inclusive government is not necessarily to employ opposition in government, but creating the space and expanding the economy so as to give those who may not want government jobs the free hand to do their business in the private sector.

By Winston W. Parley

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