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Opposition politicians incite citizens

–Comm. Yarsuo Weh-Dorliea

A commissioner of the Governance Commission or GC has accused opposition politicians of inciting the citizenry against the Government.

Launching the national conflict mapping program recently at the Ministry of Internal Affairs or MIA in Monrovia, Commissioner Yarsuo Weh-Dorliea said opposition parties are causing serious conflict by inciting citizens.

“Think about 2017, all the acrimonious pronouncements opposition political leaders and parties are making, don’t you think it is conflict? You have political leaders that spend more time on inciting the citizens and the voters,” Commissioner Weh-Dorliea noted.

He said what opposition political parties present as platform is just a miniature of what they think that the government in power did not do and they think they can do, reminding that they have to remember that the country is small and that the people within the country are related by blood or otherwise.

“From the Governance Commission point of view, another major conflict within the Country is land rights. You know what has happened for the past ten years; all the NGO reports have proved that other people just jump up and take another people’s land. Do we need to go and map that conflict too? No, that is why the Governance Commission advise the government and the government setup, the Land Rights Commission and now out of the land commission, they have legislated the land rights authority,” he narrated.

He said government and its partners had spent more years and resources on mapping conflicts but seriously failed in paying more attention on resolving problems that have been identified. “When we did the first conflict mapping exercise in 2008, the early year of President Sirleaf administration, how did that interpret into resolution exercise implementation? Yes, it’s good that we all jump into decentralization, which indeed is a big different in elements, because before we came to Liberia after the war the first thing at the Accra peace talk, we were told that the major cause of the conflict was bad governance. We needed to hurried up and establish a system of government that is gender sensitivity and accountable, basically,” he further explained.

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Commissioner Weh-Dorliea pointed out that there are components to solution to problem instead of mapping the conflict, but instead of government and partners spending all the time in mapping them, they can try mapping the saturation.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs in collaboration with the African Center for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes or ACCORD, launched the national mapping exercise to be undertaken in all15 counties of Liberia.

-Edited by Jonathan Browne

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