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Special Feature

Optimism: Is the Magic Word

If Liberians at home and abroad had never been optimistic about their president, since the cradle of Liberia’s independence, July 26, 1847, the inauguration of President Weah, should set the platform for such optimism about him.

Too often, most Liberians had dwelled in the state of unmanageable figment, terrible hallucinations, and endless bigotries. These disavowal vices have often prevented Liberians from knowing the hidden aptitudes of their elected leaders. These treacherous vices have the latent to develop into falsehood, political conspiracy theories, bitterness and hatred against their elected leaders. As a result, some Liberians become overwhelmed with impediment and disillusionment which often lead to sowing a discourse and bitterness in the nation against their elected leaders, when they should be submerged in the spirit of optimism.

Liberians should begin to nurture the political fruits of optimism for President Weah and his government for the sake of peace and unity. This is the moment when Liberians will need to forge ahead in harmony. Speaking with one preference in support of President Weah’s platform for the growth and development of Mama’s Liberia. Liberians need to understand that this is not President Weah’s government. It is the government of all Liberians. President Weah is simply a vessel to lead Liberians and Liberia as a captain.

His Excellency wasn’t elected Head of State and the 25th President of Liberia on the basis of mere human luck or by holistic magical powers, his election was divinely driven. H.E. was elected because the Almighty God had permitted him to become president of the Republic of Liberia. President Weah election is synonymous to that of the election of former President Barrack Obama of the United State of America in 2009/17. Former President Obama was elected in a white-dominated culture. Something that shocked and surprised the whole world. Former President Obama wasn’t elected on the basis of his hard-earned law credential or because he was born to a white mother. It was the Lord Almighty who sent him to lead both white, black and brown people of the United States of America.

Over 90% of Americans were definitively optimistic about former President Obama’s presidency. Because of such optimism, former President Obama was greatly successful and presidentially productive in every facet of his political undertakings. That doesn’t mean that President Obama did not encounter political problems, social obstacles, and economic catastrophe.

The people of America stood by Former President Obama every step of the way; because they found meaning in the spirit of optimism and inspirations. In the midst of their troubles and frustrations, Americans were still optimistic about former President Obama. This is the type of spirit Liberians will need to cultivate honesty in supporting President Weah’s government in his trek.

Today, President Weah has been named the father of the nation, as such, all entities including the opposition parties, the clergy, political detractors, government officials, students and well-wishers will need to cultivate the spirit of optimism, hope, and inspirations for His Excellency to achieve the platform he has set forth to achieve. Liberians should be optimistic by putting forward meaningful advice, suggestion, and recommendation.

Liberians should not travel to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the United States of America with the intent of undermining the Weah’s Presidency, by calling on the international community to impose sanctions and discouraging donor agencies to support the pending holistic development initiatives embarked on by President Weah purposely for the people of Liberia.

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Liberians who might be fortunate one day to travel far and wide around the world should speak positive about Liberia and encourage donor organizations and investors to invest in Liberia not purposely because of President Weah’s government, but because of the suffering masses of the Republic of Liberia. Let us remember when President Weah fails, Liberians fail, when he succeeds, Liberians succeed. “Optimism: Is the magic word” for the future of Liberia.


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