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Letter to God: Lord, our pepo na know we suppose to grow what we eat?

Dear Father,

Wait ohhh, I heard de other day our Goworment say de rice price na go up and our village pepo were crying all over de place?

I wonder dey na know we suppose to grow what we eat? All de plenty land dem we geh in dis village dey na know da time to be making use of dem, den every time dey hear rice price go up den their blood pressure go up-lazy pepo.

My son, what is going on again and who are you calling lazy pepo.

Father, ehn da my pepo. All de plenty land we geh in dis village here with all de able body men and women here just walking up and down our village Bluffing Street doing nothing, den any time dey hear rice price go up den they want faint.

Hmm, you sure my son?

Father, de thing is plain and simple, not just rice alone, but food bisnay will be hard next year. De pepo who can make de fertilizer for food to grow are busy fighting war.

So, de kina food we suppose to be bringing here will na come like before. Da mean rice price will go up becus da 8-billion pepo will be running behind de small rice around here. So, our pepo moh stop crying and start thinking about growing our own food to feed ourselves in our village.

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Bor ehn dey say yor Govworment can give de Lebanese pepo money to bring rice?

Father, de noise da na come up over da money bisnay sef, I don’t think, dey will do it again oo. De Goworment moh just tell de pepo how much to sell it and make sure rice in de country.

Bor me, I say, de best solution is for our pepo to go back to de village and make farm instead of walking up and down begging every day. Period!

So, who should go back to de village na?

Father, everybody. You see, our village is too rich. We geh good soil, more rain and sum light. All de thing da other villages looking for to grow food right here in our village but da laziness killing us so.

You know, it good for dem to hear de truth. De time for Goworment to be giving what de book pepo called subsidies to Lebanese pepo is over. Leh dem use da money for our hospitals and roads.

Da time na for us to stop complaining about rice price. If we want de price to come down, we moh grow it for ourselves and stop depending on other pepo.

In fact, de Gowroment say it na get free money to be giving to de Lebanese pepo baasa, baasa leh da. Leh dem bring de rice and sell it. It better for rice to be here in our village den for de Goworment and de pepo to be fighting whole day and no rice here.

Anyway, me I know na everybody will leh de thing I talk, bor me I na talk my own. We too lazy in our village. We depend on other pepo to do things for us too much. Da time na for us to do something for ourselves. Leh other pepo depend on us too na-what happen!

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The New Dawn is Liberia’s Truly Independent Newspaper Published by Searchlight Communications Inc. Established on November 16, 2009, with its first hard copy publication on January 22, 2010. The office is located on UN Drive in Monrovia Liberia. The New Dawn is bilingual (both English & French).
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