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Outcome of Snowe’s Political Matrimony With President Sirleaf

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The last three weeks in Liberia occasioned firing remarks/comments against the Liberian Presidency from a number of Legislators on Capitol Hill. Initially instigating such comments are allegations that President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, during a congressional meeting in the Washington D.C at the time of her visit a few weeks ago, blamed members of the Liberian Legislature were not seeking the interest of the people, but thenselves.

Even though President Sirleaf is yet to comment on what some members of the Legislature said she said in the United States, suggestions are that the lawmakers were to blame for her administration’s failure to increase salaries of civil servants, and  that they were all over the place “fronting for companies” for personal aggrandizements.

Indicative of the foregoing was the report that some influential members of the House of representatives, including Speaker Alex Tyler, Representatives Emmanuel Nukwe of the Committee on Ways, Means and Finance, Edwin Snowe of the Committee on Rules and Order, James Biney of the Committee on Concessions, as well as Moses Kollie, among others were lobbying for two of the oil blocks in Liberia on behalf of the Russian Oil giant, Gasprom for possible share-holding.

Representative James Biney of Maryland County first took offense of the statements/allegations attributed to the President, denying his involvement in any oil deal, and then came Speaker Tyler himself, who also expressed serious anger, demanding a retraction from President Sirleaf.

Astonishingly, was the reaction of the House’s Committee on Rules and Order, Edwin Snowe following his return to the country from abroad; Snowe’s response was not emotional, but very cloudy with admission, betrayal, deceit and untrustworthiness.

Unlike Representatives James Biney, and Speaker Tyler, former Speaker Snowe publicly announced that he was in an oil deal, but was frustrated by President Sirleaf and her son, Robert, noting that he had escorted “his investor (Gaspprom Representative)” to the home of the President, but was left under the President’s palaver hut by Robert Sirleaf, while he (Robert) went in with the guest.

Of course, Snowe publicly alluded to the fact that because he, too, wanted to get rich, that’s why he got involved in the oil deal with Gasprom. And because he was left in the cold, he thought to now release a number of vital information he should have exposed since last year to the public.

When Edwin Snowe began talking about nepotism in the government; Robert Sirleaf’s dual citizenship;   and the rest of it, reasonable Liberians began wondering as to why now? Is he the same Snowe who once defended the issue of nepotism in government in favor of President Sirleaf?

Is he the same Edwin Melvin Snowe who publicly stated on True FM last year that the President was right to appoint her son, Robert Sirleaf as Board Chair of NOCAL because he was equally educated to serve in that capacity? Is he the same Snowe who publicly announced that Madam President was the “greatest of all angels” when decided to support her second-term bid?

Snowe actually exhibited his untrustworthiness as usual and political immaturity by not being politically calculative in his decision, deeds and utterances in line with whatever relationship he anticipated establishing with President and the objective(s) he had hoped to achieve (whether it was the lifting of the travel ban, etc., etc.).

Because he was outcast in the oil deal, he chose the way he went the other day…and that was very politically childish of him, even though his objective may have been to gain political relevance after he and others were exposed to public ridicule for their blind eyes to the issue of increased civil servant salaries during the budget process on Capitol Hill.

The honorable man has always lived life as if he was only living it today, completing ignoring the fact that there was still a tomorrow ahead of him. And so, he will continue to “lie on his bed his as he continues to fix it”.  To be continued in Part two.

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