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Outstanding Award for Mary Broh

The Director General of the General Service Agency or GSA, Mary T. Broh, has been awarded with the outstanding Government Official Award by the African Sheroes Award for her dedicated and achievable services, as well as her numerous contributions in helping to make Liberia a better place.

Director General Broh, last weekend in Paynesville, outside Monrovia where the award ceremony was held, expressed heartfelt gratitude to the organizers for introducing such initiatives in Liberia. “I’m very grateful for the opportunity given me to receive such a great award for my performances; I never thought that people were monitoring my activities in this country,” she indicated,

“You had done all your nominations and found it interesting to present this prestigious award to me, with all of the high personalities we have in this country; it means that I have to do more in terms of my activities and duties as a Liberian citizen.”

She told participants at the award ceremony that there was a need for citizens in the fifteen political sub division of this country to demonstrate love and commitment for the country. This, she noted, was because it is the only country Liberians have no matter how far or close they are.

The GSA Director General also indicated that in order to demonstrate love and commitment to Liberia, there was a need for the young people to undergo mentorship, saying “we need to mentor the young people of this country because they cover half of the country population.”

“The perception that is in the public about me is wrong; others take me to be a very bad person, but it is not who I am, I just want to be a missionary in the near future,” Mary Broh said.
The African Sheroes Award ceremony was hosted by two Liberian women- Ms. Barkue Tubman and Ms. Salamartu Duncan. According to the two hosts, the Association for the Advancement of Liberians Girls (AALG) and the African American Women for Peace, Women and Girls Empowerment and culture consider a shero as a male hero – a supporter and advocate for the rights of women and girls.
They told participants that the African Sheroes Award is also for humanity – a woman who strives for success in spite of the limitation society puts on being a woman or a girl.

“Our aim is to grow this platform across the continent and then in the diaspora,” they said, noting that the African sheroes award was created specifically to honor women and girls of African descent who continue to build, invest and serve their country, communities, as well as succeed in business, philanthropy, government, politics arts, culture, media, technology, medicine and science.

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The two hosts added that the shero award is a premiere international award program, celebrating the achievements of the most successful and inspiring females of African descent.
For Duncan, each year the organization and its partners will recognize African females for demonstrating excellence from economic growth to social change and local to global across multiple sectors.

It is the first award program of its kind, she added.

By Lewis S. Teh-Edited by George Barpeen

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