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Over 250 midwives honored in Bong

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Bong County District #1 Representative TokpaMulbah, has honored over 250 midwives in his district for their enormous sacrifices to the health sector, particularly during the Ebola crisis.

The ceremony was held recently in Botota, district#1 headquarters graced by hundreds of citizens, government officials and health authorities. Representative Mulbah said the recognition of Trained Traditional Midwives (TTM) stemmed from the huge sacrifices and love they demonstrated to humanity when Liberia was engulfed in a complete health crisis as a result of the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in 2014.

He recalled that at the peak of the Ebola virus in Liberia when clinics and hospitals were being closed, Trained Traditional Midwives risked their lives to cater to pregnant women, who could no longer have access to health services so there was need to appreciate their efforts.

He described midwifery as an essential component of quality health care and as such there was urgent need for government to compensate TTM across the country as they continue to save lives.

Several weeks, the Bong Lawmaker similarly gowned and honored over 150 midwives in Kpaai district for their contributions to the health sector. Responding to the honor, the midwives, speaking thru their leader, SaleyGorkeh, lauded the efforts of Representative Mulbah for recognizing their services in the district.

Madam Gorkeh said this was the first of its kind in the district for a sitting lawmaker to honor trained traditional midwives with such great respect. She said the honor has strengthened their resolve to continue to serve their fellow compatriots.

Meanwhile, the midwives through their leader appealed to Representative Mulbah to lobby on their behalf in making sure a certified midwife is assigned onboard ambulances to help pregnant women in labor or main on their way to hospital.

The lawmaker in response to the appeal, promised to work with health authorities both in the county and in Monrovia to ease some of the difficulties pregnant women are faced with, while enroute to seeking medical attention.

Hon. Mulbah then provided 150,000 Liberian dollars to the midwives in appreciation of their services.

By Papa Morris from Bong County-Edited by Jonathan Browne

Rep. Mulbah presents tokens to trained traditional midwives

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