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Over 300 citizens made homeless in Sinoe

More than 300 residents of Payne’s Town, District #3in Sinoe County have been made homeless by heavy storm and flood as a result of heavy downpour recently in the county.

Since the occurrence, residents of the area have called on thegovernment through the National Disaster Management Agency andnon-governmental organizations for intervention.
One resident of the town T. SylvesterDorbor narrates the flood and storm
de-roofed several homes and destroyed cash crops that the peoplerely on for sustainability, a situation that has brought hardship to the district.

“In my district in Sinoe, the flood has taken away the people cropsand homes de-roofed by storm that have caused a serious disaster forthe people in the Payne’s Town area.”

Mr. Dorbor says the affected residents are in need of helpthat is beyond the control of local citizens hence, they wantgovernment or non-governmental organizations to make swiftintervention to save lives.He recalls that the incident first occurred at end of May and mid-June that left more than 25homes damaged in five towns and villages.

He describes the situation as worrisome, noting that it first of its kindfor storm and flood to take over towns and villages, while they areexperiencing disconnection of the road linking Monrovia to SinoeCounty as a result of the damage on the TimboRiver Bridge thatconnects Grand Bassa, Rivercess and Sinoe Counties.

“Our people feed on little farms, but flood and storm continue todestroy their homes and crops on which they are fed; this is dangerousto their survival.”

He says the citizens have informed the County Superintendent and other local authorities, including District Representative, Matthew G.Zarzar for quick intervention. Editing by Jonathan Browne

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