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Over 500 women die yearly from childbirth

The West African Health Organization or WAHO says over 500 women die yearly in Africa from childbirth, and about 300 plus perish as a result of maternal mortality.

The Director General of WAHO Dr. Xavier Crispin told an ECOWAS Joint -Parliamentarian delocalize meeting in Monrovia on Tuesday, 11 Aprilthat the health system in Africa is weak and it was mainly noticedduring the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus disease.

Dr. Crispin has encouraged the regional parliamentarians meeting inMonrovia to promote the usage of traditional medicine as it has beenused for ages by Africans and proven to still be effective.

He says the proper management of health facilities in Africa is weakwith no essential equipment as a result of the inability ofgovernments here to invest adequately in the health sector.

Beyond the inadequate investment being made in the health sector, theWAHO Boss says counterfeit drugs on the African market is about 60percent, and 50 percent on the West African market.

He has reported that in 2011 alone, 64 percent of antimalaria drugs inNigeria were found to be counterfeit.

In collaboration with all major players, he says ECOWAS RegionalPharmaceutical companies anticipateproducing and distributing qualityefficacious, safe and affordable essential medicines throughout theregion.

Dr. Crispin says the main task is to ensure the safety, quality andefficacy of pharmaceuticals, health and personal care products thatare marketed.

But he says the objectives can only be achieved through theregistration of pharmaceutical products, licensing of permits forimporters and manufacturers to monitor the quality of registeredproducts in the market and to adverse drugs reaction monitoring.

In concluding, Dr. Crispin says the WAHO efforts to ensure quality andsafe medicine is mainly assigned to the National Control Laboratory.

He says it includes assisting the national drugs registration servicesand the drugs inspection service, developing and implementation of aplan for the training of the technicians of the laboratory anddeveloping a quality of assurance policy.
By Bridgett Milton-Editing by Winston W. Parley

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