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Over half a million now infected with Coronavirus

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The number of people now infected with the deadly novel Coronavirus commonly known as COVID-19 has surpassed half a million people, according to the John Hopkins University.

John Hopkins reported that as at Thursday March 26, about 510,000 people have been confirmed to have tested positive of Coronavirus worldwide, while at least 22, 000 people have died with Italy recorded the highest death toll of 8, 165. Italy recorded 662 deaths just over the last 24 hours.

Over all China still top the number of infections with 81, 782, though the infection rate is said to have slowed down. China is followed by Italy with 80, 539 confirmed cases while the United States which witness a rise in infection rate is at 75,233 and is closely followed by Spain at 56, 187.

In African reports indicate that the infection rate on the 54 nation continent are still low with 2,700 cases in 46 countries.The BBC reported Thursday that there are fears that the number will rise rapidly because of cross-infections, overwhelming health services on the mainly poor continent.

In Liberia, the country has recorded three confirmed cases so far with dozens of people who have arrived in the country being in government held quarantine centers.On Saturday March 21, government declared a nationwide health emergency to help curb the spread of COVID-19..

Churches and other religious worship centers where people had gathered before the emergency order came into force had to send worshippers home, directing them to follow the services online.

The government said the declaration of the nationwide health emergency is in line with title 33, Chapter 14 of the Public Health Law of Liberia.

The declaration outlined several stringent measures which includes the closures of all schools both private and public including universities, computers schools and all other training institutions; all bars, casinos, video clubs, cinemas, betting centers, beaches both private and public ordered closed.

Churches, Mosques, and other religious places of worshiped were also ordered closed on Sunday morning. Large gathering to include sporting activities, parties of more than 10 persons are also ordered banned. Wedding and funerals are allowed but should not include more than 10 persons. Those attending such functions are to keep a distance of six feet apart.

Supermarkets and large stores are to allow only 10 persons at a time with each being six feet apart from each other. Banks were also ordered to allow 5 customers at a time the same apply to restaurants and cook shops.

The government restriction also banned streets selling, while restrictions have been placed on the movement of people in and out of Montserrado and Margibi Counties which are the affected areas so far.

The Government’s latest pronouncement came after health authorities announced that it they had recorded the third confirmed coronavirus case here.

The victim, a 63 year old woman tested positive for the Coronavirus disease in the country, after report say she had attended a beach party with an affiliate who had returned from Europe-details about the friend who returned from Europe is still scanty as health officials are still mute. However there are speculations that she is still in quarantine at a government held center.

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