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Over US$22,000 worth of drugs stolen at JFK

The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe warehouse supervisors at Liberia’s National Drugs Service or NDS have been charged by police for stealing seventy one cartoons of drugs valued US$22,629.74.

Police in Monrovia say the NDS warehouse manager James Sando, warehouse supervisor Moses Y. Harris and warehouse assistant Flomo L. Boymah were liable for the stealing 71 cartoons of drugs on April 21, 2014.

But the accused have denied the allegation, and told investigators they had no knowledge how said drugs went missing from the NDS compound situated within the John F. Kennedy compound in Sinkor.

However, a joint investigative report released by the Anti Theft Squad and the Crime Services Division of the Liberia National Police says the suspects ordered immediate cleaning of the crime scene without informing NDS authorities of the theft.

The NDS Managing Director Mr. Beyan K. Johnson had complained the accused to the LNP, alleging that on April 21 this year, 71 cartoons of assorted drugs were discovered missing from the entity’s Reproductive Health warehouse.

The NDS boss Johnson filed the complaint with the police when, according to him, the NDS Deputy Managing Director for Operations Mr. Thomas G.M. Wolapaye officially informed him (Johnson) on April 22 of the drugs’ mysterious disappearance.

In his narratives before investigators, Mr. Wolapaye said before making a trip on April 13, he instructed the warehouse supervisors and staffs to receive the warehouse keys from Mr. Johnson and return it to him after their days’ work.

After the meeting, Wolapaye said he honored a trip sponsored by the NDS management to visit and monitor depots in Margibi, Bong, Lofa and Nimba Counties. Upon his return from the counties on 22 April, Wolapaye said the warehouse supervisors Harris and Sando informed him that some drugs got missing without any breakage or damage to any of the iron doors and gate.

The missing cartoons of drugs were listed as: 49 cartoons of Microgynon; three cartoons (500mg) of Ciprofloxacin; seven cartoons (250mg) of Amoxicillin; one cartoon (2.4miu in) of Benzathine Penicillin and eleven cartoons of Depo-Provira. Mr. Wolapaye said he instructed the accused to reduce the revelation into writing, something they allegedly did and same forwarded to Mr. Johnson, NDS Director.

The situition, according to witnesses’ narratives before investigators, sparked a fist fight between a Liberia National Police patrol officer Mr. Zubah Kennedy and the PROSECOM private security guards that were on second shift.

The PROSECOM Guards including Eddie Martor, Stephen David, Otis Joe and Morris S. Karnga and their second shift commander said Patrol Oficer Zubah had suspected them of stealing fuel oil and drugs, an allegation that resulted into fist fight. The PROSECOM guards had told investigators they had no knowledge of the NDS warehouse keys, further arguing that the facility was intact with iron doors, gate and securities.

But Officer Zubah said on 19 April, JFK Security personnel Daniel Varney informed him that he (Varney) observed a Green Toyota Corolla vehicle parked in the NDS compound. Upon moving towards the vehicle, Officer Zubah said he observed it was loaded with cartoons and horridly left the NDS compound and went through JFK’s main gate.

Officer Zubah said he subsequently went to inquire from the PROSECOM Guards concerning what he noticed, but they responded that nothing was happening at the guard post, and asked him to leave their guard post. Due to Zubah’s refusal, he said three PROSECOM guards jointly fought him and tore his T-Shirt.

But the JFK Security Daniel Varney denied giving any information to Officer Zubah concerning a strange vehicle containing stolen drugs or cartoons in the NDS compound on the night of April 19, 2014. For their part, suspects Sando and Harris said on April 18 at 1600hrs, they locked the warehouse and took the keys to NDS boss Mr. Johnson’s office, leaving everything intact.

Due to the April Easter Holiday, they said they never returned to work until 21 April, when upon their return, they observed that the panel door was unlocked, but the pad lock of the Iron Gate and the steel door had not problem.

Also, suspect Flomo Boymah said he was not at work on April 20 due to the Easter Holiday, but when he went to work on April 21, he discovered the warehouse panel door was not locked. Flomo said when the warehouse staffs including him and Sando, Harris, and Siatta Andrews entered the warehouse, they all saw the drugs cartoons disarranged and others broken.

In concluding, police investigators said the suspects tempered with the crime scene by immediately cleaning it without telling authorities. Meanwhile, police have recommended for three security shifts at NDS, all locks at affected areas changed, and every stock check or inventory conducted be done with the consent of the security. The suspects are pending trial.

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