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Palala Clinic Under Protection

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More than L$50,000.00 has been generated for the fencing of the Palala Community Clinic in Kpaai District, Bong County. The project, according to the officer-in-charge at the clinic, Adious Daye, is aimed at protecting the clinic, located in the middle of the town.

OIC Daye said the central location of the clinic, exposes the privacy of patients, especially pregnant women sometimes in labor pain-something, he said, is strongly against the policy of the Ministry of Health.

He expressed total regret about the continuous intrusion by bystanders. Adadius Daye also told the gathering, attended by Representative Tokpa Mulbah, that the criminals were also posing threats to the clinic facility, and as such, the clinic needed urgent protection.

Mr. Alfredson Tiakerweah, a citizen of the district and former representative candidate, called on citizens of the area to desist from, what he termed, ‘palm wine politics’ in the interest.

The educator expressed the belief that “palm wine gathering politics” was not necessary for the people of Kpaai district, noting that those who sit in “palm wine gathering” always claim to know more about the district or County, thereby misleading others. He called on citizens of the district to unite and move their district forward, and desist from cheap gossips and undermining.  The program was held in Palala.

Mineral Company, Bong County Citizens Resolve Conflict

The Exploration Manager of Jona Capital has described the relationship between citizens and the company as excellent and smooth. Jonah Capital is a South African company currently searching for iron ores in Bong County.

From the onset of the company’s operation in Zeansue and Mount Delima clans, there were series of bitterness harbored by the citizens about the operation of the company in the district.  Citizens accused the company of not living up to its social obligations, demanding that the company vacate their area without delay.

But with the intervention of Bong county authorities, officials of the company and citizens found a common ground with a pledge from the company to meet its social obligations.

Speaking to reporters at the Kpatawee Waterfall last weekend, Steven Afou said his company has begun undertaking major projects in the district to include the Zeansue to mount Delima road and other community initiatives.

Mr. Afou said the company was aware of their social responsibilities, and would do everything possible to cement the working relations with the citizens for the growth and development of those living in their concession areas.

Speaking about the road project in the district, Mr. Afou added that the project was an eight-kilometer road, but was increased to sixteen kilometers with the replacement of bridges with culverts.

The Jona Capital General Exploration Manager is urging Liberian students to take advantage of the sciences and engineering courses- something, he said, would make them marketable to concession companies coming into the country.

Bong County Rep. Presents Report

The Representative of electoral District #4 is expected to shortly deliver his Legislative report to the citizens of the district. Speaking to reporters last weekend, Representative Lester Paye said the report would be presented in different styles and citizens-centered and participatory.

Hon. Paye noted that the three-day event will begin on Friday as the date of arrival of citizens of the two districts to include Zota, Panta and Menquelleh clan.

Rep. Paye said deliberation and the presentation of the report by the lawmaker will take place this Saturday, noting that the activities are meant to have the citizens critique his performance in the Liberian Legislature. According to him, the exercise will entail area’s citizens feel he had fallen short and the way forward, including plans on the usage of funds for the district for specific projects.

The process, according to Hon. Paye, will occasion the presentation of an ambulance to Zota District for easy access to medical facilities in the county. It can be recalled that sometime this year, Representative Lester Paye presented an ambulance to Panta to facilitate similar medical mission in the interest of citizens- something he promised to do for Zota District as part of his responsibilities in the district.

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