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Parents in Jail for Child Death

Voinjama police are reported to have in detention the parents of a 9-year old boy who died Monday from drinking caustic soda.

According to our correspondent, Kulee died after drinking the liquid which was in a container (gallon)  without notice after he got thirsty for water following his leisure with his friends for hours in their New Life Community in Voinjama.

“The  boy was so thirsty  after running around (playing) with his friends in the yard. The innocent child could not differentiate or did not take a careful look at the liquid in the container before drinking it. As a result, Kulee began to stream for help due to severe stomach pain,” an eyewitness told this paper.

Unfortunately for Kulee, another witness recounted “none of Kulee parents was around as they had all gone to the farm. And it was the neighbors who managed to feed him with oil and other things to neutralize the capacity of the liquid, but that could not help.”

At the Tellewoyan Hospital, where he was rushed for his safety, little Kulee was pronounced dead by doctors perhaps because of his late arrival with the boy. Police in Voinjama are continuing their investigation.

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