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Parents protest high uniform fees at MCSS

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Hundreds of frustrated parents have held protest against high fees charged for students’ uniforms at the Monrovia Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS).

The protesters, some of whom are jobless, expressed their grievances Monday, 5 August in opposition to MCSS authorities’ decision to charge high fees for uniforms intended for the protesters’ children in the school.

The uniforms, according to documents are being sold to parents at the cost of US$25 which when converted at a minimum rate of US$1.00 to LRD$200, equals LRD$5000.00 per uniform.
And an additional LRD$300.00 is being charged per student for a pair of socks.

Addressing reporters on 12th Street, Sinkor after receiving copies of requirement fees at the MCSS, the aggrieved parents’ spokesperson Mrs. Irine Watterspoon narrates that the authorities at the government – run Mary N. Brownell Junior and Senior High School has also requested parents to pay requirement fees of LRD$2000.00 to the Chairman of the School’s Parents Teachers Association (PTA).
She complains that the aggrieved parents were reportedly informed during a meeting with the school authorities that the uniform was bring in from China by the MCSS Assistant Superintendent.
She notes that the fees being charged are very exorbitant, demanding the government to immediately reduce the fees.

She says failure to reduce the fees would see hundreds of children failing to enroll at government-run schools because their parents cannot afford the high requirement fees.

The document requests parents to obtain a valid receipt from the school representing the money paid for their child or children and taken to the registrar’s office for verification before doing their child or children’s photocopy of the documents.

Following this, the parents are required to get final placement and section to complete the process.

Government schools are expected to re-open for the Second Semester on 2 September, followed by the institution orientation scheduled to be held from August 29 to August 30, 2019 respectively.
The documents, copies of which are in the possession of this paper referred to the $25.00 United States dollars imposed on parents as a “minimum” cost.

But the parents term it as unreasonable and unrealistic for those who have at least seven to eight children.
When our reporter contacted the offices of the MCSS on 12th Street, Sinkor late Monday, 5 August, he was informed by some of the employees that their bosses were very busy and referred our reporter to the Public Affairs Director who was also not available.By Emmanuel Mondaye–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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