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Parents seek medication for amputated baby

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Parents of a month-old baby boy, whose leg was amputated following errors by nurses, are seeking for further medical treatment for the infant. Mohammed A. Sesay, father of the child, laments that authorities at the John F. Kennedy Hospital informed them they were going to amputate the child’s toes but to their surprise, they amputated the boy’s foot.

He appeals to philanthropists and humanitarian organizations to help save the victim because he is suffering severe pain. Addressing a news conference over the weekend in Monrovia, Mr. Sesay said thru their lawyer, they have requested the J.F.K, Management to get the baby’s medical report from the Redemption Hospital where the incident occurred, but they are allegedly refusing to respond accordingly.

“Our legal counselor then requested JFK to refer the boy to Tappita Hospital in Nimba County, SOS clinic in Congo Town or other medical facilities out of the country. But they also refused.”

Sesay further explains J.F.K. told the legal counselor that the family should seek second opinion and brings in doctors from another country, which they are incapable of doing.

According to him, J.F.K. also asked them to sign consent but they said not without the advice of their legal counselor, but the J.F.K administrators rejected on grounds that the mistake that led to the baby’s foot being damaged transpired at Redemption Hospital, so they could not take responsibility.

He adds that for the safety of the baby’s life the family was constrained to eventually sign the consent without precondition. “’But it was amazing to know that we were told to wait by the administrators of KFJ simply because the consent form was not ready. Why waiting, they sent a nurse to come and collect the consent form and carry it unknown to us in order to coerce the baby’s mother to sign,” Mr. Sasay narrates.

He details when the form was carried to Doctor Muvu, he took it to the baby’s mother for her signature, but she refused to sign on grounds that her husband is the rightful or proper person to sign said document.

Mr. Sesay continues that when he went to sign the consent form, Doctor Muvu questioned him about the delay in having the amputation and kept bothering him with all sorts of questions regarding the medical report which he (Sesay) knows nothing about.“Before singing the form, I asked him which parts of the foot is to be amputated and Surgeon Muvu said you think it is the mouth?”

By Sally Gaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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