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Parents, students hail Bethesda Mission’s scholarship

Several parents and students in Paynesville and its environs have lauded the Administration of the Bethesda Christian Mission School (BCMS) along the Roberts Field Highway for its scholarship and financial aid programs geared towards assisting disadvantaged students to enroll at the school.According to a press release, the current scholarship program has brought relief to several parents who have decided to enroll their children in the school for this year.

Parents of a lot of the beneficiaries could not afford for their kids’ academic cost due to high financial burden associated with school fees for the 2019-2020 academic school year.The parents, mostly slum residents, are calling on other schools in the country to emulate BCMS.
According to them, BCMS has set a mark as one of the first top quality and Christian – based institutions to provide such an opportunity in these difficult times.

For most of the students, the scholarship scheme is a dream come true.“… This is a wonderful blessing. If other schools in the country follow suit, why would lots of school going kids be loitering the streets during school hours?” Mr. Derrick Blamo states.

It is reported that the process leading to the scholarship scheme has lasted for over a month.The school’s Principal Leaid Stephen Zeyoe, Jr., explains that BCMS decided to offer parents, guardians and their students these opportunities in order to encourage students to study harder and aspire for academic excellence.

He claims that some of the scholarships offered by a lot of the schools in the country are not geared towards achieving academic excellence, arguing that there is little or no academic criteria set to guide the process.He further states that it is important for students to merit scholarships, instead of being awarded opportunities based on friendship or family connections.

According to Principal Seyoe, some students are capable academically, but their parents lack the finances to support them in school.
He says this has prompted his school’s decision to make the intervention of offering scholarships for disadvantaged kids.
He reveals that academic excellence is the major criteria for the scholarship, followed by additional grant opportunities in sports and work grant, among others.

Mr. Seyoe however warns that the school will not tolerate complacency from beneficiaries, as they will be required to meet required grade points for the scholarship.

Under the academic scholarship, 25% to 100% tuition free will be awarded to applicants who are old students, and are from 6 to 12 grades, but had a minimum yearly average of 80% for last academic year.

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For new students ranging from 6 to 10 grades with yearly average of 89% from last academic year, they are also eligible to apply and benefit from a 25% to 100% tuition free.

Mr. Seyoe adds that brilliant females are encouraged to apply.In the sports area, he reveals that new students with athletic abilities in football, basketball, and kickball up to 10th grade are encouraged to apply.

Students between ages 10 to 16 are also encouraged to apply for the soccer academy program that will be based on the campus, with 50 percent tuition free.For work grant, the school is seeking disadvantaged students who have the ability to do physical work and desire high quality education to apply, with 100 percent tuition free.

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