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Partners donate 153 uniforms to LNP

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has received a donation of 153 uniforms from partners including the Irish Government, Sweden, ActionAid and UNDP.

During the donation on Monday, 13 August at the Police headquarters in Monrovia, UNDP Country Dr. Pa Lamin Beyai said uniforms are more than attires because they are a symbol.

Dr. Beyai notes that when a police officer puts on the uniform, they are no longer just a citizen of a nation, but they are a part of a larger entity that is set to uphold the nation’s laws and protect its citizens.

He adds that a police uniform is important for the police force for two major reasons, noting that it firstly shows the citizens that the officer is a protector of the people’s rights.

“… [It] should signal hope, trust, and support to the people that [need] it,” he continues. He says secondly, it signals unity for the police.

According to Dr. Beyai, the police force is an important institution in any country, including Liberia, noting that a police officer’s job is to serve and protect the citizens.

Also speaking, Police Inspector General Col. Patrick Sudue thanked the donors, and pleaded with other donors to follow the example of their colleagues and help the LNP.

According to Col. Sudue, over the years the LNP has not had uniforms supply for its officers. He says the donation of the 153 uniforms are highly appreciated and assures that they will go a long way. According to Col. Sudue, the uniforms will help to make officers to be presentable out there.

Col. Sudue notes that where you have officers wearing torn off uniforms, it brings down their morale, thus thanking ActionAid, UNDP, the Irish Government, and Sweden for their intervention.

By Winston W. Parley

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