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Pastor Badio disappointed in Government

The Pastor and General Overseer of the Royal Family Christian Fellowship in Logan Town, Bushrod Island, David G. Badio, has expressed frustration for the Government not recruiting religious leaders on the national Ebola task force. Rev. Badio said the Ebola virus is a sickness and every sickness is healed through intervention of religious leaders, who stand in the gap, interceding to God in times of calamity.

According to him, the failure is not from one person but every sector of the government has failed in combating the deadly disease from Liberia.Rev. Badio spoke on Sunday, October 12, 2014 at the Church during the climax of 40 days of fasting and praying.

Speaking on the theme, “Thanksgiving” with text from Psalm 107: 19-24, he also accused the Government for not accommodating community dwellers in the Ebola fight, adding that the fight should involve leaders from every sector of society.

According to him, the Ebola taskforce should consult with religious leaders, community leaders and other stakeholders in carrying out proper awareness that will inform the citizens about the danger of the virus. Rev. Badio stressed that aim of consulting religious leaders is because they are the ones who can better convey the messages to their various members or parishioners without causing any offense.

He also frowned on President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf for asking the Legislature to grant her additional powers, saying, “I don’t think that will be the best thing to do at this particular time where many innocent citizens are losing their lives.” He instead, the President should be asking religious leaders how to put in place or create a local community structure that will help to reduce the death rate in affected communities.

He added that the President should think of consulting where there is deficiency rather than asking lawmakers for additional powers, saying, “Asking for more powers will not bring peace to this country but rather put fear in the minds of ordinary citizens.”

Rev. Badio has meanwhile called on all Christians to give God thanks in everything they do, noting that when a Christian lacks thanksgiving, it displeases God because thanksgiving weakens His intervention in listening to your cry. “The reason of giving God thanks to know who He is and what He has being doing in our lives”, he stressed.

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