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Pastor guilty for murder

Jurors at the Montserrado County Criminal Court “A” have handed down a guilty verdict for murder against Pastor James Mulbah. They handed down the verdict Thursday, 18 August with two of the 12 empaneled Jurors opposed to the ruling.

Pastor guilty

The clerk of court said, ten of the petit jurors adjudged defendant James Mulbah Guilty, and two said not Guilty, and is hereby noted.” The court reminded that the Law of Liberia provides that petit jurors of twelve having met in their room of deliberation where a minimum of nine jurors adjudge a guilty verdict or not guilty verdict, the majority thereto, constituting nine or more, is taken as the verdict.

It said as in this instant case, ten petit jurors adjudged defendant James Mulbah guilty, which is noted by the court. Meanwhile, the clerk of court has been ordered to communicate with the Probation Office to ascertain whether there is any previous records of the defendant to enable the court to conduct a per sentencing hearing and make assignment for final ruling by Judge Roosevelt Z. Willie.

The court has set final Judgment for Monday, August 29, 2016 at 10:00 A.M. prompt, while the Probation Office has been instructed to return with a response by Thursday, 25 August. Defendant Mulbah was indicted by the grand jury of Montserrado County on June 3, 2016 with the crime of murder.

He allegedly murdered one Patrick Yeanay on the night of March 23, 2016 in front of the Enterprise Store in Monrovia after accusing the victim of loving to his wife, Mrs Hannah Mulbah. Court document says Pastor Mulbah placed a deadly weapon and scissor in his bag with the intent to kill the victim on the date and place mentioned.

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