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Pastor in jail

-for proposing marriage to girl, 15

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The Zone Five Police depot in Paynesville Township, outside Monrovia is investigating Pastor Elijah Moses, a Nigerian, for allegedly tempering with a 15-yer-old girl and proposing marriage to the minor.

The father of the minor, Mr. BaysahMawolo, told reporters in an interview Wednesday, 12 August in the Women and Children division at the National Police Headquarters in Monrovia that the accused is the Pastor of the church his daughter’s mother attends.

Mr. Mawolo narrated that it all started some times last year, when his daughter left his home in Margibi County without him and his wife knowledge, which prompted him to launch a search for her, thinking she had gone missing.

He explained that before starting the search, he called his daughter’s mother, who resides in Monrovia to find out if she had any knowledge of the whereabouts of their daughter that had left his house without returning but the mother told him that she was unaware of her whereabouts.

“I kept searching for my daughter until one day her mother called and informed me and my wife that she found her daughter. When I asked how she was able to fine our daughter, she told me that someone from her old yard took our daughter to her new place when my daughter was in search of her, which I never had problem with because the safety of my daughter was my concern,” he noted.

However, Mr. Mawolo said his concern grew when the girl’s mother refused to return her to him, adding that he started seeking advice from family members in order to press kidnapping charge against the mother for the action of not returning his daughter to him and his current wife, who have been taking care of the minor.

He continued that while in the process, his daughter’s mother called and informed him that she and their daughter were coming to pay him a visit and to discuss some serious issues concerning the girl’s fate.

“They came as planned on my birthday which was August 3, my friends with my wife were sitting in a gathering; she first started with apologies so my wife and myself accepted then she went on to tell us that her pastor had asked for our daughter’s hands in marriage. I felt real shocked to hear that a pastor will ask for a fifteen-year teenage girl’s hands in marriage,” Mr. Mawolo lamented.

According to him, since he didn’t want to spoil his day with his friends, he then asked his wife to find out from his daughter if she were aware of what her mother had said but even more shocking to him, he said his daughter confirmed that was fully cognizant and in favor of her mother’s decision to give her out for marriage to Pastor Moses.

Mr. Mawolo said out of shock, he told his daughter and her mother that he will get back to them and later asked his friend and wife, along with his daughter and her mother, who came to celebrate with him to give them a lift to 15 Gate in order to board a commercial vehicle for Monrovia.

“When my wife got back from dropping them with my friend, my wife told me that my daughter’s mother asked her to appeal to me not to let the opportunity pass my daughter, telling my wife that Pastor Moses promised her car that is on ship coming with all of her wedding clothes; can you imagine that we are talking about 15 years teenage, who is still in 7th Grade,” her further lamented.

He disclosed that over the weekend, his daughter’s mother invited him to Monrovia for a very important meeting, noting that upon his arrival in the capital, he proceeded directly to the National Police Headquarters and narrated the situation and the Police instructed a plain-clothe officer to accompany him to the meeting.

“The undercover officer and I got at the meeting just to find out that the pastor went with some people to introduce himself to us as my 15-year- old daughter in-coming husband. I was shocked and angry, but decided to keep calm; I started asking some questions that make me believe even more that my daughter had already been tempered with,” Mr. Mawolo fumed.

He said immediately Pastor Elijah Moses was arrested and detained at the Zone Five Police depot in Paynesville undergoing interrogation.

By Ben P. Wesee–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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