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Pastoral Network cautions PYJ

By Lewis S. Teh

The leadership of the National Pastoral Network for Peace is cautioning Senator/Evangelist Prince Yormie Johnson not to use the church and sacred desk to propagate messages which contents are confrontational and provocative.

“Fellow Liberians, we want to use this time to call on Senator Prince Y. Johnson not to use the church and the sacred desk, which should be the center of sound biblical doctrine and liturgical affirmation, as a theater to propagate messages which contents are confrontational and provocative against anyone whosoever”, the Pastoral Network says.

Reading a four-page press statement in Monrovia over the weekend, the Vice Chair for Religious and Intergovernmental Affairs, Bishop Justice V.R. Nyonsiea said the co-existence of all Liberians, irrespective of sociopolitical, economic and religious affiliation is very paramount to the futuristic survival and development of Liberia.

Bishop Nyonsiea told a news conference on Friday, May 26, that actions meted against Senator Johnson at his Faith Chapel Church in Paynesville were a recipe for chaos.

He said there should be no room for acts that have the proclivity to derail the peace of Liberia.

At the same time, he condemned the unprovoked storming of the church by youth of the National Patriotic Party and the CDC.

“Fellow citizens, the National Pastoral Network for Peace condemn in the strongest term all forms of violence as we approach the October 10 Presidential and Legislative Elections; we are calling on every party to respect and promote the peace of this country”, he added.

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According to him, the church is an ecclesiastical center of peace, redemption and hope so, the would-be pastor or evangelist must present and preach messages that will give peace, hope, and redemption to his or her parishioners or congregants.

“We believe that the ecclesiastical transformation and development path of post-conflict Liberia under the Weah- led government is something that all Liberians should appreciate and the religious community must lead the way”, he said.

According to the Bishop, after several years of decadence, religious leaders as touch bearers of peace should serve as examples for the young generation by being messengers of peace and unity.

Last week Sunday, young people from the National Patriotic Party Youth Council stormed the church of Senator Johnson, chanting political slogans calling for the establishment of a war crimes court for Liberia.

But Bishop Nyonsiea termed the action as an invasion of the Senator’s religious space which he stressed should not be practiced by any political group.

“Fellow Liberians, we are one people irrespective of our tribal backgrounds, religious persuasions and political affiliations, we can engage politically and ensure our debates using logic, reasoning and intellectual exchanges, but never again should we revolve to violence and war.”

Meanwhile, Bishop Nyonsiea has recommended that the government create a ministry of religious affairs in the country. He said if established, such ministry will be responsible to develop policies to regulate all religious activities across the country, saying “This way we will foster religious tolerance, democracy and meet the physiological needs of every Liberian.” Editing by Jonathan Browne

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