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Pay crisis at LNP

Police Boss Massaquio NDPolice officers in the country are said to be in a state of confusion over alleged cuts in their monthly salaries, but authorities of the Liberia National Police say the officers could not immediately get 50 percent of their monthly salary because it was converted to Liberian Dollars without prior opening a Liberian Dollar account at the bank.

Some officers speaking on condition of anonymity alleged that for about a year now, US$10.00 had always been cut from their monthly pay until May 2015, when they saw the cuts increased to US$20 per an officer.

But in a follow-up with Police Spokesman Sam Collins, he told The NewDawn via mobile phone Monday, July 13 that what the officers claimed to be US$10.00 cut was service fee they have been paying to the bank and not cuts effectedby the Liberia National Police or LNP.

As to the confusion over half pay to the officers, Mr. Collins said “all police officers” were in the know of a memo issued, clearly stating that officers were receiving 50 percent of their salaries in US Dollars, while another check was issued for the remaining 50 percent of their pay in Liberian Dollars.

However, he said the LNP had sent back to the Ministry of Finance, the 50 percent Liberian Dollars component of the officers’ pay to redeposit it in USD account on grounds that the officers did not have Liberian Dollars accounts with Ecobank Liberia Limited.

Earlier Monday, July 13, Mr. Collins had told the “Truth Breakfast Show” hosted on Truth FM 96.1 in Paynesville via mobile phone that there was no pay cut for police officers.

He said the 50 percent of the officers’ pay that was sent back to the Finance Ministry would have been ready Monday, July 13 or today, Tuesday, July 14.

“… Two separate checks were sent to Ecobank by the Ministry of Finance – one check in United States Dollars, one check in Liberian Dollars. We do not have account of Liberian Dollars for officers at the Ecobank so we could not give hundred percent,” he explained.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf recently issued an Executive circular here, effecting salary cuts for heads of public corporations and commissions, while increasing salaries for cabinet ministers. The President has instructed the Minister of Finance and Development Planning to execute the changes effective July 1, 2015. By Winston W. Parley – Editing by Jonathan Browne

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