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Paynesville City joins 100 Resilient Cities Network

Paynesville City joins Mayor C. Cyvette M. Gibson

The Rockefeller Foundation has selected the Paynesville City Corporation of Liberia to join the 100 Resilient Cities Network to build urban resilience. Paynesville City was among the final cohort of cities invited to join the worldwide 100RC network and subsequently named winner of the 100 Resilient Cities Challenge.

As a member of 100RC, Paynesville City will gain access to tools, funding, technical expertise, and other resources to build resilience to the challenges of the 21st Century. Speaking Monday in a press conference hosted at her office in Paynesville, the Mayor of Paynesville City, C. Cyvette M. Gibson said entrance into the 100RC network will help Paynesville fights the resilience challenges of infrastructure failure, flooding, water management issues, poor health infrastructure and disease outbreak, among others.

Mayor Gibson said the selection of Paynesville City to join the 100RC network is not only a significant honor but will give the city necessary tools to support a better Paynesville today, tomorrow and for future generations.

She noted that as a member of the 100RC, the PCC could now work with the best in the private, government and nonprofit sectors in developing and sharing tools to plan and respond to the resilience challenges ahead.

She also disclosed that Paynesville will soon appoint a chief Resilience Officer to lead local efforts in building a comprehensive resilience strategy. For his part, the President of 100 Resilient Cities Michael Berkowitz said, he was so proud to welcome Paynesville City to the 100RC; noting Paynesville was selected because of its leaders’ commitment to resilience building and the innovative and proactive way they’ve been thinking about the challenges the city faces.

Mr. Berkowitz said a resilient city has good emergency response and meets its citizens’ needs. The city of Paynesville was chosen among more than 325 applicants on the basis of its willingness, ability, and need to become resilient in the face of future challenges.

By Bridgett Milton-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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