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PDP ex-chair attacks Ellen

The former national chairman of the Progressive Democratic Party or PDP A. Kugmeh Brooks has unleashed a stinking attack against President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, branding her as a leader who lacks value for human dignity, causing Liberians to continually remain in abject poverty.

According to him, since her ascendency as President in 2005 until now, living conditions of Liberians continue to deteriorate in the areas of health, astronomical exchange rate between the Liberian dollar and the U.S. dollar, leading to skyrocketing of prices of basic commodities.

“The cost of 25 kgs bag of rice has gone to US$ 17 dollars, even other Liberian food stuff as well,” he Mr. Brooks lamented.  Speaking in an interview with The NewDawn the ex-chairman said he prefers the administration of Ex-President Charles Ghankay Taylor to the Sirleaf Administration, arguing that during the Taylor regime, life not only for him, but the majority was much better than what is unfolding now.

“I prefer ex-president Taylor administration than Madam Sirleaf government, although there were guns, but the price of food was not expensive,” he explained. He stressed that what Liberians need right now is action, not speeches, which have not been able to redeem them from abject poverty, saying “What Liberians need now is action, not speeches.”

He said for two terms, President Sirleaf has not been able to fulfill promises made to the Liberian populace, so they are demanding actions that would help improve livelihood of every Liberian.

Also speaking, an executive of the Liberia Transformation Party Abraham Tiaquioyl noted that giving the number of years in power, the Unity Party-led government has been unable to develop Liberia in spite of enormous support from international donors and partners, something he described as a total disservice to the citizenry.

Mr. Tiaquioyi said no country can have a successful democracy and development without a strong security, urging the administration to prioritize national security, by training and equipping various security apparatuses to perform effectively.

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He asserted that Liberia’s security system is actually polluted as a result of not being well taken care of by government, adding “Police stop taxi drivers, looking for what they have not lost in the car.”

Besides, Mr.Tiaquioyl the LTP winning the Presidency in 2017, the police will be provided new uniforms to ensure every police officer, teacher and immigration personnel assigned in the counties will benefit housing facility. “As a government, if you established schools in the 15 political sub-divisions, there is need to have holistic accommodation,” he concluded.

By Zee Roberts-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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